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Art News Ireland – I’m really excited to see ‘The New Reality’ Irish Contemporary Collage Exhibition coming to the fantastic X Gallery at Dublin Fair.

Hosted by the wonderful Silvio Serverino and Una Gildea at the amazing Venue X Gallery, 11 Hume Street, Dublin. This amazing place hosts many modern exhibitions. Also look out for Una Glydias solo exhibition opening on March 9th. It’s crazy.

Art News Ireland

Art News Ireland

“The exhibition features the work of 20+ leading collage artists currently living and working in Ireland. The exhibition includes analogue, digital and mixed media works that reflect different approaches to collage as an art medium.

Arty Saturday (community Creativity And Other News)

“Travel to Achilles Island, hanging in the dark waters of the Atlantic off Mayo’s northwest and windswept coast. Travel to the foot of Slievemore Hill, where you’ll find a deserted village.

Art News Ireland

This abandoned settlement stands as a relic, a scar and a monument; One of many scattered across the region and country. Each site is a vivid reminder of a time in Ireland when famine and social and political pressures made survival very difficult for many and impossible for some.

Elsewhere in Mayo, potato ridges abound on hillsides in now uninhabited areas. These areas were once so densely populated that due to lack of space, settlers began cultivating their crops at inconvenient heights.

Art News Ireland

Meet Northern Ireland’s Secret Artists

When you stand in these powerful landscapes now, they seem somehow haunting. Indeed, our ancestors often held “alive wakes” with their loved ones before going to the docks; Because they know they can never come back.

In mid-June this year, the Central Statistics Office announced that five million people live in the Republic of Ireland. However, records show that between nine and ten million Irish-born immigrated from the 18th century onwards. Many members of my generation chose to move abroad because the fallout from the 2010 global financial crisis in 2008 sent shock waves through Irish society.

Art News Ireland

Contemporary discourse on migration, immigration and resettlement focuses heavily on countries of origin. It shifts our perspective away from the reality we can leave behind. Yes, those arriving in a new country are often fleeing dire conditions such as war, famine, and oppression. However, like our runaway ancestors, they leave behind loved ones, family, friends, communities, favorite foods, old stories, familiar names, well-loved songs, childhood bedrooms, streets, homes and empty nests.

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A Museum Is Not Just A Place For Art

Venues: 54th Vintage Week & Arts Festival (Bir Vintage Week & Arts Festival) Bir, Ireland and Prague Cultural Center Prague-Polnok in Warsaw.

Art News Ireland

I am very happy to participate in this wonderful presentation on the topic of current migration. The curator of this exhibition is only Marta Janica.

The works will be exhibited as part of the 54th Vintage Week & Arts Festival (Bir Vintage Week & Arts Festival), Ireland, July 29 – August 7, 2022 and at the Prague Cultural Center in Prague-Polnok, Warsaw. Both exhibitions are open to the public.

Art News Ireland

Portrait Of Northern Ireland Exhibition: Painting A Picture Of 100 Years Of Artistic Talent

Support: Arts Council Ireland, Creative Ireland, Offaly County Council and the Embassy of Ireland in Poland (Zielono Mi. Ambasada Irlandii w Polsse)

“Since February 24, the eyes of the whole world have been focused on Ukraine, which was brutally attacked by Russia on that date. In early May, the UN Refugee Agency reported that more than 6 million Ukrainian citizens had fled their homeland to other countries. , trying to escape the war.

Art News Ireland

World History Colonial History; And it is a phenomenon that affects each and every one of us in almost every corner of the earth. People migrate for many reasons, some seek peace and security and others to earn more money and lead a better life.

Brian Maguire, Remains

Often, individuals and families are forced to move due to political and economic pressures and instability, and unfortunately, as we often see today, climate degradation.

Art News Ireland

Others go because they are searching for themselves and their place on this earth.

Migration is not an exclusively human phenomenon, as it occurs throughout nature in the plant and animal kingdoms. Some birds can fly tens of thousands of kilometers at a time, and a single dandelion seed can be carried by the wind for several kilometers! It’s all about survival, exploration and a better life.

Art News Ireland

Bright Spark’s Brush With Art Lives On

The topic of migration is as broad as it is interesting, and it affects every organism; It certainly encourages timely research and reflection.

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Collage is a process of fragmentation and recombination, fragments separated from the original images, finding their way from different places to create new and beautiful ones. In this way, collage is an appropriate technique and perfect metaphor for the experience of migration.

Art News Ireland

By thinking this way, we understand that through migration processes, our nations and communities are constantly evolving. Experience the collages.

New Review Of Isabel Nolan’s Exhibition

If we dare to look deep enough, we realize that we are a collage of individual experiences. Geographically or in our imaginations – for us who live with immigrants and for immigrants. We are facing new problems and new challenges. We learn, we grow, we ask questions. “What does it mean to be at home?”, “What does it mean to be a stranger?”, What does the word “motherland” mean?”.

Art News Ireland

Random elements appear in our lives from which we create meanings. As in collage. And from here it is only a step to the migration that each of us will eventually make. Internal migration. It is a unique, highly personal journey.

As part of this project, we invited an artist from Ukraine (Kyiv College collective member Yulia Fareniuk) a war refugee to come to Birra during the festival and she will hold workshops with the townspeople. And shared the experience of creating a collage mural with them somewhere in the atmosphere of the city.”

Art News Ireland

Raging Bull Charges On

I am delighted to announce that I will be taking part in this year’s K-FEST Arts Festival in the wonderful Killorglin, Co. Kerry. All action begins on the October bank holiday weekend.

Their program is full of wonderful visual arts, crafts, music, drama, workshops and family events. I can’t wait to be a part of this celebration of culture and curiosity.

Art News Ireland

“K-FEST is delighted to be back in 2021, but has been delayed from the June bank holiday weekend to the October bank holiday.

Waterford Designers And Makers Exhibition At Waterford Gallery Of Art

From October 22 to 25, you can expect a wide range of visual and performing arts at pop-up galleries across the city.

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Art News Ireland

With a focus on emerging artists, K-FEST has become an important date in the national arts calendar, where the arts community and the local community become one community for a weekend.

You can also expect the best in upcoming Irish bands and musical styles, with genres ranging from jazz to pop and rock, punk and electronica and DJs. K-FEST was nominated for Best Small Music Festival at the IMRO Awards before the lockdown, so they can’t wait to get back up and play more great Irish music.

Art News Ireland

Donegal Artist’s Work On Display In National Gallery

As well as daytime family events and workshops, there is a drama-filled program including plays, poetry, films, comedy and cabaret circus.

My piece in response to the project “A place where empty columns dream” Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland as part of Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival.

Art News Ireland

“Though we do not yet fully believe, the inner life is the real life, and the invisible dreams of men have a tangible influence on the world.” – James Baldwin

The Arts And Crafts Movement: Making It Irish’ Review

To dream is to initiate a pervasive and spiritual human experience. Each of us engages in nocturnal expeditions into the vast wilds of our inner space, nocturnal journeys through the hinterlands of the unconscious self. Encountering this new space often leads to inspiring ideas, creative insights, and integrative experiences that contain deeper intelligences unknown in our waking lives. Recent sleep research also suggests dreams are integral to the mind’s ability to process and heal from traumatic events.

Art News Ireland

Dreaming is synonymous with the ability to see beyond the individual and collective and envision a new and better future. Indeed, the simple statement “I have a dream…” recalls the powerful words of Martin Luther King Jr. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, whose speech was an act of collective dreaming that opened up new avenues of discourse and possibilities for living. Even listening to the history of Birra, there are many testimonies of the city as a place of strong collective dreams. For example, the famous Parsonstown Leviathan; A literal device designed to stay out of our world, and

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