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Art News International – MANN’s new companion museum will provide an additional 10,000 square meters of exhibition space, allowing the public of Naples to finally see the largest collection of classical archeology in the world.

As the hit HBO show comes to a close, the production designer discusses the importance of the art that hangs on the Roy family’s walls.

Art News International

Art News International

University of Brighton to close Brighton Center for Contemporary Arts citing ongoing fee freeze, rising energy costs and ‘high intergenerational inflation’

Richard Koh Fine Art

The first exhibition in the South Coast city for Turner Prize winner and Brighton resident Helen Kimmack has now been cancelled.

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The Canadian auction house also saw a strong run of works by Group of Seven members and an increasing number of Warhol prints.

The rare politician depicting a star – “a speech wonder” – was once in the collection of the State Hermitage Museum but was sold to raise money for the Soviet government.

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Call For Art And Prize: International Issue #39

Donor-advised funds allow individuals to claim a tax exemption while they are alive by making gifts of art and other assets—with no obligation to immediately pay the money to charity.

Patrick Matheson claims that the Paris auction house was not prepared to provide information on the proof of the painting to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

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Russian authorities have confirmed that the famous icon of the Trinity will be moved to the church, despite protests from restorers and art historians.

Japanese Artist’s Newest Painting To Get International Debut In Taiwan

The announcement that President Putin will return Andrei Rublev’s masterpiece has drawn criticism from experts because of its delicate condition.

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Designed as a royal hunting lodge in 1686, Hatlow has been transformed with a grand new entrance hall and several exhibition spaces hidden under the courtyard.

We are looking for an experienced journalist based in London to step in while our current Art Market Editor is on maternity leave.

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The Modern Man Behind The Wall Art

Janet Sobel was known for creating drape paintings before Jackson Pollock, but a new exhibit at the Ukrainian Museum in New York focuses on her work during World War II.

The 2023 event focuses on marginalized voices for the first time, with half of the participants from Africa or African immigrants.

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A new exhibition in Utrecht looks at Antwerp’s role in the development of painting in the Netherlands

Here Are 5 International Artists The Artnet Gallery Network Is Watching This December

News, background and analysis of the latest technological developments – artificial intelligence tools; Web 3, Blockchain, NFTs; virtual and augmented reality; Social media platforms – and their impact on the art market, museums, artists and curators.

Art News International

From Frank Stella to G-Band Quilters: How the Artists’ Rights Society Works in the World of NFTs

The NFT drop with Stella was a first for ARS’ digital platform, Arsnl. Now she’s bringing bold patterns to blockchain with a showcase of NFTs created by coding artist Anna Lucia working with G-Bend, an Alabama quilt maker.

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The Art Newspaper

The US Copyright Office has relaxed its stance in new guidelines, ruling on comic books created using artificial intelligence.

The UK Labor Party is gearing up for the next election and they need to talk about how we educate children

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The filmmaker and motion picture artist was best known for his boundary-pushing (and, some say, offensive) 1963 film “Scorpio Rising.”

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Five Frome Artists Selected For International Art Exhibition

The Belgian fashion, food and art entrepreneur co-founded the Allins Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing with her husband Guy Allins.

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Henry Belafonte, the singer, actor and civil rights champion who inspired artists to engage in social causes, has died at 96.

Belafonte noted Pablo Picasso and his artist friend Charles White among the visual and performing artists whose work fueled his support for social justice movements.

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The Art News 1924 05 03: Vol 22 Iss 30

The Australian comedian and actor was an ardent champion of museums, libraries and the visual arts and a collector of late 19th-century artists and writers.

Hosted by Ben Luke and Amy Dawson. With guest speakers Annie Shaw and Laura Gilbert. Illustrated by David. Click and Julia Michalska

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The Museum of Arts and Design exhibition is a treat for Swifties (that is, fans of the Shake It Off singer).

International Galleries On Our Radar At The 11th Edition Of Salon Art + Design

Hannah Gadsby discusses a provocative Picasso exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, while discussing a special family…

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Trigger Warning is a fortnightly blog from our Senior Contributing Editor Gareth Harris that delves into current censorship sagas, analyzes the implications for artists and the art world, and how such cases shape today’s debate. It shapes the debate on the biggest issues.

Pictures of the famous Renaissance statue were shown to children after the principal from Tallahassee was fired after showing interest.

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Art’s $1 Billion Question: Was Russian A Victim Or Savant?

In an excerpt from an article that accompanies the newly released photo, Peter Walter tells the story of how this remarkable publication came to be.

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In his book, inspired by the Getty Museum Challenge, Brathwaite recreated photographs by artists such as Georges Tebert and Sonia Beuys.

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Things you never knew about Haring, from his personal journals to interviews with the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Madonna – curated by curator Sarah Lauer

Support For International Arts Activity

Roy art historian Doug Holombau quotes from an article explaining how the American artist’s works ended up in the Umbrian city of Spoleto.

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A US photographer’s book of aerial photographs, created during the Covid-19 pandemic, offers an original look at the lived reality of the US

Van Gogh Adventures is a weekly blog by Martin Bailey, our longtime correspondent and artist expert. His stories are published every Friday, ranging from news items about this very famous artist to scholarly pieces based on his own investigations and intellectual discoveries.

Art News International

Live Board Participates In The

Only one image survives of Vincent as an adult, drinking in a riverside cafe – but he turns back to the camera.

An in-depth interview with the artist about his cultural experiences and his biggest influences, from Marcel Duchamp to Ben Okri

Art News International

‘TikTok, TikTok… It’s time for the art world to stop being so loud and join the funniest app in the world’

Art Scene India: International Art Competition

Museums strive to return physical objects to their original owners—but return policies often do not take into account the digital information associated with them.

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