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Art News India – Gandhinagar: It’s going to be a great week for IITGNians and beyond as the newly established art studio of the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) kicks off its IIT Gandhinagar Art Festival on campus. A week-long Art Festival running from 2nd to 7th August 2022, it features art talks, exhibitions, film screenings, artist talks and many exciting performances for the public to experience a variety of arts.

The Art Festival was masterfully organized by Ms. Avani Varia in association with IITGN to present various mystical stories, murals, plays and performances to the participants and guests. All technical conferences, exhibitions and performances are reserved for all by registration. Although registration for the art event is closed, art lovers can still visit the art exhibition from August 4-6 and participate in artist talks and animations at the Phad Art of Rajasthan event on August 6, 2022. More about artists and tips in the afternoon. schedule of events can be found at:

Art News India

Art News India

Explaining the purpose and meaning of such contribution, Manubhai Memories of the Memorial of People’s Power and Science of Iit Giit Gandhinagar Arthy shapes everyday reality, culture and ideas or creative forms. IITGN always promotes arts as it gives importance to education and research in various fields. Through the IITGN Art Studio and this Art Festival, which will be permanent at the institute, we want to open new windows of opportunity for people and art lovers to come together and explore what they can create and discover. to learn about the rich colors of our country.”Previous 0 SPAI Fespa Awards 2017 February 21, 2017 Next 0 Art Makes Sense: Art Exhibition February 21, 2017

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Ahmedabad: Sense International India will organize two events on art – Art Makes Sense (art exhibition) at the Hyatt on Tuesday and Sens (disability) at the Blind People’s Association (BPA) in Vastrapur on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Art News India

Many art projects aim to educate people about deafness, vision and hearing, which affect movement, communication, learning and understanding of the world around them.

“Around 20 deaf-blind children and adults and their interpreters in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have worked with artists to create unique works of art.

Art News India

The Art News 1928 01 07: Vol 26 Iss 14

A two-day workshop that can be assessed using a power such as touch. They have created multifaceted art through multiple mediums that can see the world of a deaf person,” said Sense India Chairman Murray Culshaw.

Art Makes Sense will feature over 80 paintings by 63 artists. Artists have created visual art in their own style, using forms and art materials that can be felt rather than seen. Out of 63 artists from across the country, 20 are from Gujarat.

Art News India

Chaitya Dhanvii Shah, Curator and MD, Marvel Art Gallery said, “Art is Meaning Exhibition has been organized to create awareness among deaf people. More than 63 renowned artists have created works of art using various art forms.”.

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SensX will be organized by the Association of Blind People to give visitors an insight into what it feels like to be deaf.

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“SensX is very unique and is a real example of what a deaf person looks like and creates an experience related to different physical, mental and emotional characteristics. It is when you live and feel like one of them that the interest will increase. Our goal will be achieved by spreading knowledge and awareness for people with disabilities,” said Sense India Director Akhil S Paul.

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Sense India is a United Nations (UNO) accredited organization with 57 organizations operating in 23 states of India. It has changed the lives of 77,000 deaf people who have found meaning in life and self-confidence and self-esteem over the past 20 years. Taken sitting outside a Buddhist temple in Bylekoppe, Kog, in Shirley Mathew’s latest series. delve into the connection between nature and spirituality and translate it onto canvas. The result is a beautiful series that is a celebration of bright colors.

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Multisensory Art Projects Launched

Shirley Mathew, a Psychology (Hons) graduate, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi, was initially interested in sports and theater in school and college. He has been acting and directing scenes since childhood. During this time, he developed an interest in art and later enrolled in art studies at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in the United States. He also studied in Barcelona, ​​Spain.​​​​​​​ This was followed by a brief stay at Garhi Studios of Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi, which was enriching for the artist. He later studied in Tuscany, Italy and learned new ways to improve his talent, which has created another dimension in his creativity.

Shirley represented Karnataka at the Art Fusion Show in Mumbai to commemorate the golden jubilee of Maharashtra’s statehood. A finalist in the National Art Competition, he has participated in more than 50 exhibitions, including several solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries in Bengaluru. He has been in the abstract expressionist genre and has exhibited his works in 10 cities in India. His interest in learning other styles led him to complete courses in Madhubani painting and basic painting under renowned artists in various fields.

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Art News India

Working primarily in mixed media, Shirley allows the subject to control the choice of palette and technique. His idea is to influence many people to live a better life through his art and he has been holding art awareness shows in his studio for many years. Shirley has held workshops for underprivileged children to raise money and industry professionals to promote awareness of art as therapy.

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His projects include public buildings and corporate buildings in India, Bahrain, Singapore, USA, Australia, UK and France. Lives and works in Bengaluru.

Art News India

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Art News India

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