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Art News Hong Kong – As Art Basel plans to relaunch its beleaguered edition in Hong Kong after the end of a hotel’s mandatory quarantine upon arrival in the city recently, the Swiss fair has announced changes to its leadership. . Angelle Siyang-Le, Art Basel’s head of development for greater China and former head of regional gallery relations for Asia, has been named the new director of Art Basel Hong Kong (ABHK). Adeline Ooi, who retains her title as Asia Director, will divide her time between Hong Kong and the rest of Asia, and focus on developing other Art Basel initiatives in the region, according to the November 17 announcement.

At the same time, Art Basel Hong Kong revealed that 171 international galleries will participate in the upcoming 2023 edition, which will again be held on two floors of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from March 23 to 25. rather than 12 large artworks from the Encounters section, also curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor at Artspace, Sydney, such as the pre-pandemic editions. ABHK will also return to the Kabinett section of thematic presentations within the Galleries sector, as the fair returns to almost perfect form for the first time since 2019.

Art News Hong Kong

Art News Hong Kong

Before the Hong Kong government imposed travel restrictions barring unvaccinated tourists and residents from entering the special administrative region of China, Art Basel Hong Kong boasted about 240 galleries each year. As of May 2022, when visitors to Hong Kong still have to pay for seven days of hotel confinement, only 137 galleries have participated, most of them opting for small satellite booths with temporary staff. -hire. Last year, only 104 galleries were hosted at the fair.

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The full list of galleries includes 21 first-time exhibitors from around the world, including mainland China, India, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, and Taiwan. There were 129 participants in the Galleries sector; 19 galleries in the Asia-focused Insight section; and 23 Discoveries galleries for young artists and galleries.

Art News Hong Kong

Siyang-Le’s promotion to run the Hong Kong edition comes after Art Basel appointed Noah Horowitz as CEO, replacing global director Marc Spiegler in November. Other recent additions to the Hong Kong team include new general manager Gil Schorr and Reimi Imaizumi who has taken on the role of senior VIP relations manager for Asia.

Hong Kong still faces economic hardship as travel to and from mainland China is difficult due to quarantine requirements and other movement restrictions. Hong Kong currently requires visitors to undergo 7-day testing upon arrival (a combination of PCR tests at local community centers and self-administered rapid antigen tests), and prohibits visitors from visiting bars, restaurants or gyms in the first three days. In addition, face masks must be worn in indoor and outdoor settings (except for eating or drinking), and a vaccination ticket is a legal requirement for entry to most settings. content. Concerns of the City Feng Shui Master. Here’s Why

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Art News Hong Kong

More Mountains: The Transformation Of Hong Kong’s Arts Ecosystem Is Already Underway

Feng shui practitioners say that JR’s new job is a bad omen – they feel the same about Kaws’ ‘Partner’.

An installation by renowned French artist JR titled “GIANTS: Rising Up” will be seen at a media preview in Hong Kong on March 13, 2023, depicting a larger-than-life tall jumper near Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Photo by PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images.

Art News Hong Kong

French artist JR has created a giant outdoor installation for Hong Kong to celebrate the city’s art month this month. But the installation, which depicts a long jumper, has been criticized by many feng shui consultants and diviners, who argue that the work looks like a person falling from a building from afar, and therefore giving a bad omen. Carrying the title

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, the installation was unveiled this week ahead of next week’s Art Basel Hong Kong, with VIP days starting March 21. Commissioned at Harbor City shopping center and on view until April 23 at Ocean Terminal Deck in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon , the work, which measures almost 40 feet high and 40 feet wide (12 meters high and 12 meters wide), is the first offering of the famous Asian artist from his ongoing series “Giants”.

Art News Hong Kong

“The large-scale art installation depicts a larger-than-life long jumper floating in mid-air near Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour, his body gracefully bent and his head back facing the bright horizon,” the press release wrote.

“The high jumping athlete seems to be jumping off the ground and enjoying the feeling of free fall,” the press release continued, adding that the athlete’s movement represents “getting,” referring to the installation of “Giants” which will be seen at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games de Janeiro. JR also added a “Hong Kong touch” by blending the image with bamboo scaffolding, a construction technique considered “safer than steel” that is listed as the city’s intangible cultural heritage.

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Art News Hong Kong

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But JR’s artistic creation failed to appeal to some feng shui consultants, as well as practitioners and believers in the traditional arts of Chinese metaphysics and divination. “Doesn’t it look like someone fell from the building and landed on the bamboo scaffolding, and the body was pierced by the bamboo?” asked feng shui master Po Sin in a recent video on his YouTube channel. Po Sin’s opinion is supported by a recent Facebook post written by a feng shui practitioner, Steve Lee, who also shared a similar impression of the work. Their opinion is also supported by some internet users.

Feng shui is understood as the ancient Chinese study of arranging the environment to facilitate the flow of positive energy or bring good luck, and is widely adopted in interior design and architecture in Hong Kong. Some non-believers, however, denounce it as mere superstition. However, Po Sin went on to say that although bamboo scaffolding is unique to Hong Kong, and may look pleasing, JR’s description of this work is not attractive.

Art News Hong Kong

“You can have people climbing the bamboo scaffolding, but no one is going to land on someone’s back,” said the master, adding that jumping out of context looks like the jumper is plunging into the sea, which has poor meaning in the local cultural and linguistic context. Artnet reached out to Harbor City for comment, but did not hear back by press time.

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Lee, the feng shui practitioner, compared the bad omen shown in JR’s new work to the American artist Kaws.

Art News Hong Kong

Public installation in Hong Kong on view in March 2019. The installation sees a giant, cross-eyed inflatable sculpture of

Lying on its back floating in Victoria Harbour, which Lee interprets as Hong Kong’s “basin of fortune”.

Art News Hong Kong

Art Basel Unveils Highlights Of Its 2022 Edition In Hong Kong

“Call me superstitious, but put a ‘dead body floating’ in the middle of Victoria Harbour, the sight is unbearable,” Lee wrote in a post in March 2019. shaken by the pros -democracy protests that ended in June, fueled by the anti-extradition law movement.

“The ‘dead body’ of the Victoria Harbor artwork is just a prophecy,” he wrote, predicting that the city would continue to suffer in the coming years, affecting all local citizens regardless of age. and political orientation. Whether Kaws’ statement can be read as a sign or not, in fact, the city has been almost cut off from the rest of the world for nearly three years under strict Covid restrictions. The authorities have continued to battle political dissent since the implementation of the national security law in 2020 and the revival of the use of the colonial-era riot law, which has seen hundreds of activists, pro-democracy politicians and journalists who caught them. The city’s stock market index, the Hang Seng Index, fell from a high of more than 30,000 in May 2019 to 14,863 in October 2022, the lowest since 2009.

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Art News Hong Kong

Is JR’s new artwork a bad sign? Benson Wong, a former professor of political science at Hong Kong Baptist University who became an astrologer and psychic, noted that the audience explained the meaning of the work in this case. When the work is associated with negative connotations, the work can be seen as a “projection or manifestation of such negative and unhealthy energy,” Wong told Artnet. “It’s a reflection of a collective consciousness.”

Art Basel Hong Kong 2022

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Art News Hong Kong

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Art News Hong Kong

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