Art News For Middle School

Art News For Middle School – It’s been a tough year for students everywhere, but some at Churchville-Chile Middle School have found a fun and easy way to relax and be creative. Seventh graders in teacher Charmagne Dodd’s art class learned how to use zentang art

Their artistic project began with a selection of several existing drawings of turtles, as this basic shape was the basis of the original challenge. From there, students were fascinated by turtles and various simple, repeating patterns, called “tangles.” Line art is meant to be unstructured and non-representational, developing organically, stroke by stroke.

Art News For Middle School

Art News For Middle School

Students added different colors and mixing techniques to complete their designs, exploring warm or cool color families, and bright or pastel shades. Each level completed was unique and reflected the individual student’s personality.

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Although some students used a more haphazard approach, careful planning was the basis of many general designs. “My zentangs were arranged,” said Madeleine Pierre. I also planned the colors. Each cool color of the turtle always touches the warm color. He said the best part for him was the mix. “I don’t know why, but it made me feel better.”

Art News For Middle School

Student Caitlin Puzzolo found herself and her turtle on a warm, sunny beach. “I tried to make my turtle as realistic as possible,” he said. “I used different shades of brown on his hat to make it look like he’s away from the sun.”

“The project has the best design concepts at the grade level,” said art teacher Dodd. “It reinforces previously learned skills and helps children think more about composition. They lose less … they focus and enjoy the reflective qualities of higher systems.”

Art News For Middle School

Muirlands Student Art

As a final treat for the artists, Dodd and library media specialist Julia Lawson collaborated to create a Zen Turtle art exhibit in the middle school library to give students an opportunity to share their work with their peers. Get feedback from. Brenna Hanley/Express photo Justin McCaig stands next to his framed artwork and holds a book given to him by Mrs. Wilson.

Brenna Henley / The Express Some student art is a picture hanging on the wall at the Avenue 209 Coffee House.

Art News For Middle School

LOCK HAVEN – Mrs. Wilson’s seventh grade students worked so hard during their class to create art – art that is proudly displayed at the Avenue 209 Coffee House – that Wilson was inspired to celebrate all of their achievements and special talents. .

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The exhibition showcases a variety of art, from abstract geometric designs to popular cartoon characters painted on canvas. Students were encouraged to be themselves and let their creativity flow.

Art News For Middle School

Students had many support systems cheering them on during reception, from their teachers and friends to parents and grandparents.

Mikaela Anyar brought her little brother to the reception with her, enjoying a dessert or two from Avenue while hanging out with her classmates. His paintings had an abstract two-tone design.

Art News For Middle School

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Michaela Hamm was a student who was very dedicated to her art, with praise from Wilson and family members who saw her art. Ham had a painting that hangs as you enter the door of the coffee shop, a red dragon hanging proudly from the teapot for all to see.

Evie Albright, a seventh-grader who recently showed off her creativity in creating a website for her presentation, was on hand with parents to celebrate her art. He painted waterfalls and sunsets and mountains for the show.

Art News For Middle School

“It’s always nice when (Wilson) puts it together for the kids. It’s nice to come out and see everyone’s work and give the community a chance to look and see what they’re doing in the classroom,” said Mom. , said Jennifer Albright.

Frost Elementary School

Aiden Post had a lot of support for him there, many of whom came before he even performed and talked about what a great guy he was. Before the post went out, his support team was out getting pictures of his SpongeBob drawing.

Art News For Middle School

Joyce Beatty, Aiden’s friend from church, said, “He’s a great kid. He’s always so kind, we’re lucky to have him around.

Aiden’s grandmother, Carla Willetts, was also happy to be there and support his art, “It’s very creative. He said he was confused because he couldn’t see it right, but it turned out well in the end.” .

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Art News For Middle School

Virtual Art Room

Justin McCague, a student who loved sports – especially the Buffalo Bills – had a painting of him hanging on the wall near the stage.

“I’m proud and inspired by him. His teacher is just amazing,” said mother, Jim Bookmiller, who came to support him.

Art News For Middle School

Wilson was eager to meet every student who entered the coffee house, giving them all a kind smile and a warm welcome.

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“I wanted it to be a casual reception — something fun that students can come and enjoy,” said Wilson, who is always happy to see her students grow in the community. Wilson has put together many other art shows over the years for her students to showcase their talents and showcase their achievements to the community.

Art News For Middle School

All of these students worked hard on their artwork this semester and were able to take their creations home with them when they left the event. Create a design in low relief by hammering from behind. Embossing is a similar technique in which the piece is stamped on the front side, sinking the metal. These two methods are often used together. The 6th graders created a random pattern in metal and then had to extend the pattern to the border.

Emily Dickinson Portfolio Cover: Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was an American poet. Since then he has been considered one of the most important figures in American poetry. Students combined art and English to create a watercolor plant painting that became their cover art inspired by their Emily Dickinson unit.

Art News For Middle School

Willow Brook Elementary

Pop Art Self Portraits: Andy Warhol was an American artist, film director, and producer who was a prominent figure in the visual art movement known as Pop Art. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, advertising, and the celebrity culture that developed during the 1960s, and span a variety of media, including painting, silk screening, photography, film, and sculpture. Some of his best known works include the Campbell’s Soup Can silk screen painting and the Marilyn Diptych. Students created inspired self-portraits using the “reverse mirror” technique. Choosing a set of similar colors for their facial features and choosing a warm or cool background color to contrast and highlight their faces. Shuswap Middle School 6th and 7th graders Audrey Liebich, Christina Wilson and Quaid Vinten are pictured on Dec. 13, 2022. Their class composition is displayed by the school office. It has many aspects related to traditional ways of life, broken relationships and residential schools, closed and closed residential schools, and people of all races coming together. (Comment by Martha Wickett-Salmon Arm)

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Shuswap Middle School eighth-grader Lena Warden stands next to a piece of art that was a collaboration of students in her class, along with an original painting of her and two other students, on Dec. 13. It depicts traditional ways of life and has elements such as salmon swimming in an infinity sign while an eagle grabs food in its talons. (Comment by Martha Wickett-Salmon Arm)

Art News For Middle School

Shuswap Middle School support staff Kelly Havares and Teresa Johnson stand with a large piece of “stained glass” art around the school on Dec. 13, part of a larger project they started three months ago. Students were asked to create concepts based on their understanding of their traditional ways of life, residential schools and their hopes and dreams for the future. (Martha Wickett/Tai Valley News)

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Along with bringing in the light, the Shuswap Middle School windows serve as a canvas for an interesting painting that sheds light on the meaning of reconciliation.

Art News For Middle School

Over 30 large pieces of interactive ‘stained glass’ art windows across the school, each piece accompanied by artist statements explaining the ideas behind the images.

The idea for the massive project was conceived about three months ago by local support staff Teresa Johnson and Kelly Havares. It was inspired by a stained glass window on Parliament Hill in Ottawa that commemorates a residential school survivor.

Art News For Middle School

An Exhibit Or Concert For Everyone

“We thought what we can do this year is to connect the children’s knowledge of traditional ways of life with what they know about residential schools and experiences, but also their expectations for the future and reconciliation.” Johnson explained.

To imagine reconciliation, as they visited each classroom as the first step of the project, Johnson used the example of a cell phone.

Art News For Middle School

However every time someone mentions that you have someone else

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