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Art News Editor – How do New York Times journalists use technology in their work and personal lives? Ming Wong, visual editor of the Times business section, talks about the technology he uses.

As the visual editor for the business section, I am responsible for providing illustrations that illustrate complex photo stories. Sometimes it is difficult, because in our section there are articles, the subject of which is difficult to imagine. Think carefully about images related to private equity, net neutrality, or lack of art.

Art News Editor

Art News Editor

I recently broke a story about Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg’s fake Facebook and Instagram accounts scamming people out of money.

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I developed my first thought in Matte’s black pen on paper sketchbook showing people stealing and running away from photos of Mark and Cheryl. Then I drew another concept showing a group of con artists hiding behind the masks of Mark and Cheryl.

Art News Editor

My second registration was approved. To complete the illustration, it will take some time to draw the characters Mark and Cheryl. I plan to use Adobe drawing software, Illustrator and my old Wacom 10 inch tablet. But with a few hours to go until the print announcement, I decided to take up the art of photography, and I needed to create a prop to hold people in the photo glass.

So, 10 full-size faces of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg were printed on our Canon color printer. Trimmed with my X-Acto knife. Luckily, I kept the disposable chopsticks from my Chinese takeout order and the handles made the perfect mask. I got all the sticks on the back of each mask.

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Art News Editor

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After I finished the props, I said that there were eight colleagues in our photo shoot. We went to a photo studio in the basement of our house where our staff photographer used several techniques to create a sad and surreal image.

In a story about fraudsters impersonating Facebook executives, Mr. Wong outlined the concept of fraudsters hiding behind the masks of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. Credit…Gina Luna for The New York Times

Art News Editor

To perfect the art, Mr. Wong worked on conceptual photography in a photography studio during construction. Credit… Illustration by Tony Senicola/The New York Times Photo by Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg Getty Images

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They also hire illustrators for the Times. Do you have tech tools like the iPad and Apple Pencil or Microsoft Surface tablets that have made it easier for people to draw and lowered the barrier to becoming a professional illustrator?

Art News Editor

Undoubtedly, these technical devices make it much easier to create art, as the high-quality cameras that come with modern smartphones have turned us all into “photographers”.

But I believe you still need some technical skills to become an illustrator. You must have a sharp eye and be able to communicate, creating a visual vocabulary that is all yours. As an illustrator, you have to set up your system to solve problems and paint a picture that goes beyond the tracing method.

Art News Editor

Art Of The Cut Podcast Eps. 81 (“news Of The World” Editor William Goldenberg, Ace) By Filmtools

When you’re dealing with editorial illustration, timing is of the essence. Today, most artists are technically savvy. Some will begin their designs using traditional techniques such as ink painting or acrylic painting. Then they finalize it in Photoshop or a graphics program. So that there was no time for fruit.

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Working digitally also makes it easier to capture the final artwork. I used to have to wait for packages from FedEx or U.P.S. Now artists can work up to a post and simply send their work via email.

Art News Editor

That is, decorum artists to preserve their original work. And since the Times buys only the first printing rights, the original art must be returned to the creator. I don’t want to repackage the artwork to mail to people.

The Original

“As an illustrator, you should focus on solving problems and moving to the next level of painting,” said Mr. Wong. Credit…Gina Luna for The New York Times

Art News Editor

Have you tried to complete your entire workflow on a tech product like an iPad or tablet?

I use my Wacom tablet whenever I need to create different images of CEOs. My 15-inch MacBook Pro with Adobe Creative Suite is my daily workhorse. We love the convenience of this powerful computer, and it’s perfect for working from the office. When I design the Sunday Business section, I use NewsGate with Layout Champ, part of the media package from CCI Europe that the Times uses to produce print newspapers.

Art News Editor

Welcome To The New

Is there anything a technology company can do to improve their products so you can move to a fully digital workflow?

I wish there were better maps that could convert my sketches into editable vector images as I draw. It could be something I’m not aware of.

Art News Editor

My wife loves her Fitbit Charge. His goal is to take ten thousand steps every day. He would often find that she would avoid him by a few steps before falling asleep, and he would jump up and walk around the house until his Fitbit vibrated to indicate he had reached his goal.

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But I believe my monitor is working all day. When I’m at home, I try to limit my time playing with other devices. But I’m perfectly happy with my iPhone. Every day, I enjoy using regular apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Words With Friends, Pinterest — and of course, the Times app!

Art News Editor

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