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Art News Daily – Boris Eldagsen has accused the Sony World Photography Awards of not being able to distinguish between photos and images made with the DALL-E 2, but the judges have condemned the ‘deliberate deception’

Richborough Fortress in Kent, the base of the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD, reopened to the public

Art News Daily

Art News Daily

The director of the Zimmerli Art Museum, which houses the world’s most important collection of Soviet nonconformist art, says recent calls to check all Russian art have simplified the issue because of the war. in Ukraine.

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Renoir has opened an exhibition in Guernsey, bringing back the artist’s portraits of the British Isles for the first time since he painted them.

Art News Daily

Saving Chris Burden’s City Lights and large oxidized Warhol canvases in the latest Bank of America sponsored project.

From Virginia to Hong Kong, all 23 projects are supported by the bank’s latest conservation aid

Art News Daily

The Daily News Sculpture By Al Honig

Preston Jay Spotted Eagle was sentenced to five years of probation for stealing government property from his former employer, the Museum of the Plains Indian on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana.

From Marsden Hartley’s gays to Yoshitomo Nara’s Michael Jackson paintings: Our selection of April auctions.

Art News Daily

While retailers and consumers are increasingly worried about a recession, a look back at the 70s and 80s shows their fears may be unfounded.

Young Artists Highlighted

Four works recently returned to the heirs of the famous French dealer Ambroise Vollard will be sold in New York next month.

Art News Daily

The basketball player wore the Air Jordan 13 in his final year with the Chicago Bulls

The head of state of France and the first lady who meditates on masterpieces such as “The Milkmaid” and “The Lace Maid”

Art News Daily

News Flash • Gadsden, Al • Civicengage

The White House intern who made headlines in the 1990s said she gave her ‘virgin portrait’ to the provocative New York artist.

The two faces of Nick Serota: Steve McQueen’s Portrait of Arts Council Chairman will go on view at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Art News Daily

News, background and analysis of the latest technological developments – technical tools; Web3, blockchain, NFT; special and augmented reality; advertising media – and how it affects the art market, museums, artists and curators.

Daily Mirror News Wall Art

“TikTok, TikTok…it’s time for the art world to stop worrying and join the funniest program in the world”

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Art News Daily

The dawn of blockchain? CryptoPunks evangelist Noah Davis on the grounds of the Center Pompidou NFT exhibition as a game-changer

The British artist’s new business, a technological development of Spin Paintings in 1992, meets all the technological buzzwords as collectors order NFTs from the catalog.

Art News Daily

Daily Art News Archives

Two experts from a leading law firm in London analyzed the issues raised in recent lawsuits over the use of art images by technology companies to ‘learn’ their technical equipment.

Adventures with Van Gogh is a weekly blog from our author and professional artist Martin Bailey. Published every Friday, his stories range from news stories about this great artist to special stories based on his own research and studies.

Art News Daily

Van Gogh was once a fan of Vermeer: ​​​​​​​​”Cerulean and yellow … I cannot paint beauty”

Discover Here The 25 World’s Best Art Galleries

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts makes full use of the loan exchange with Palazzo Barberini in Rome

Art News Daily

The study of the 90-year-old artist and filmmaker tells a similar story about Canada’s changing relationship with its people.

The painting, commonly known as “Whistler’s Mother,” will be featured in an exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that explores the artist’s portrait of his mother.

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The Daily 10!

Also, how a museum in Northern Ireland is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement with the beautiful pictures of 19th-century French filmmakers

The New York photographer pioneered lighting and developed techniques that helped change the way black letters were photographed and viewed.

Art News Daily

Inspired by the Paris protests of 1968, activists organized art demonstrations and student groups during Indira Gandhi’s 1975-77 coup d’état.

Art You Can Own But Not Have

Landau’s fascination and aesthetic curiosity have made him a fixture in the art world since the 80s, when he began collecting after receiving an insurance payout from a jewelry theft. in his house.

Art News Daily

The new architect at the heart of the reconstruction of an independent India, defender of Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, winner of the Pritzker Prize and RIBA Royal Gold Medal

An in-depth interview with the artist on his cultural journey and major influences, from Marlene Dumas to Nina Simone

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A Review By Art Daily News

‘Threat to the nation’: Pablo Picasso’s police files have been opened for a new book on his life as a foreigner in France.

A new publication explores the relationship of the Spanish artist to Paris, including the police intervention and the abuse of an anarchist.

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Art News Daily

Everything you ever wanted to know about Basquiat, from his quotes to “intimate insights” from his family – curated by owner Dieter Buchhart

Booth Hosts ‘portraits Of Hope’ Exhibit

Ahead of a new dog art exhibition at London’s Wallace Collection, we’ve rounded up some tips for your modern collection: Explore 25 of the best dog houses Goodness of the world here – Art shows a very competitive nature, and many of them are on this list. was established in the 80’s and 90’s.

Art News Daily

Business is very successful, when it comes to contemporary art, a large gallery that has the ability to continue to challenge past ways of doing things, champion new work, youth and/or politics, and accept the expansion of existing and new media. The editors at News did some digging online and found some

Founded in 1980 as a collaboration with SoHo-actress Leo Castelli, Gagosian Gallery has used its unrivaled global presence to produce beautiful exhibitions. In addition to a lively contemporary program, the gallery often hosts historical exhibitions focusing on artists such as Andy Warhol and Picasso.

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Youth In Art

Founded in Switzerland by Manuela Wirth and Ursula Hauser, Hauser & Wirth creates exciting shows, exhibitions, events, environments and more.

Since his official establishment of Galerie Perrotin in 1990, Emmanuel Perrotin has represented French artists such as Sophie Calle, Tatiana Trouve and Xavier Veilhan, as well as new artists such as JR and Daniel Arsham. The gallery is also known for expanding outside the art world, and has collaborated with groups such as Pharrell and Massive Attack.

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Since 1993, Zwirner Gallery has set the standard for the presentation of contemporary art, from important Minimalist works to social media. Originally founded by Zwirner in New York’s SoHo district, the gallery has nurtured the work of some of today’s most important artists.

Moon Art Masterworks Return To Hamburg

Since its founding by Arne Glimcher in 1960, Pace Gallery has produced hundreds of original records and many other exhibitions, published in art exhibitions and established itself in the world of art that remains strong.

Art News Daily

Before owning the library, Marian Goodman founded Multiples, which published works by John Baldessari, Dan Graham and Andy Warhol (Prints and books by American artists such as Andy Warhol.

Salon 94 was founded in 2003 out of the home of founder Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn on the Upper East Side. The library was expanded to include two locations in the city of New York, Freeman’s Lane and the Bowery, two doors from the New Museum.

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A “safe And Welcoming” Nft Marketplace For Generative Art, And Other News

Since its founding in London in 1985, Victoria Miro Gallery has built a strong international presence and promoted the works of many artists, including many Turner Prize winners.

In 1983, Monika Sprüth founded the Sprueth Magers Gallery, which focuses on female artists and exhibits the work of modern legends such as Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman. After teaming up with Philomene Magers in 1998, the duo opened spaces in Berlin, London and Los Angeles, where they continued to contribute to the art discourse through museum exhibitions, publications, and their films. and record houses.

Art News Daily

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise is a true “business” that is not limited to the walls of libraries. Their projects since the beginning have included an Elizabeth Payton exhibition at the Chelsea Hotel, a hole in the floor of the library by Urs Fischer, and a Jonathan Horowitz in the first space of LaFreida’s store exhibition.

Daily News, Painting By Poptonicart

Since its founding in 1994, Blum & Poe has been a major player in the Los Angeles film scene and beyond. The library has not shied away from the front, unusual displays; their first exhibition was an installation by Anya Gallaccio, where the artist painted chocolate on the walls of the gallery.

Art News Daily

The Lisson Gallery is one of the first galleries in the UK to champion young artists and ideas. It features some of the most important sculptors of the 20th century such as Richard Deacon and Anish Kapoor, as well as other winners of the Turner Prize (Kapoor, Deacon, Tony Cragg) and selected artists. The latest addition to their list includes new artists such as Haroon Mirza, who use synthetic materials to produce quality compositions.

Sean Kelly Gallery in SoHo was officially opened in 1995 and was home to early exhibitions such as Marina Abramović and Robert Mapplethorpe. Today, Sean Kelly represents many artists who work in many channels and publish artist monologues.

Art News Daily

China Daily:

Jeffrey Deitch’s Deitch Project began after he became an art dealer in New York. From its first show, The Vanessa Beecroft Show, the gallery has been synonymous with breaking new names in the arts and expanding opportunities.

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