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Art News Collector – Due to his artistic skills and his “love of shiny suits and celebrities”, he has been dubbed “China’s next generation Jeffrey Deitch” by The New York Times. He is an art collector, co-founder of an art museum, and is a regular at art galleries, galleries and artist studios.

A rising legend in the arts, manager, “slushie”, “… Various records are attached to this 28-year-old artist. This young talent, who was the only international jury in the selection of those who want to enter the Forbes USA and Asia list from 2018 to 2021, is now all over the world. embracing the talents of emerging artists on the one hand, makes their mark on the art world. , presenting them above all. “good kick.”

Art News Collector

Art News Collector

Huang graduated in the history of Western art from the University of Pennsylvania in the USA in 2016. Since 2014, it has brought world-renowned artists such as Issy Wood, Christina Quarles, Antonio Obá and Trey Abdella to China. They held their first museum exhibitions in Asia, and this greatly helped boost the market for their work. It also held art exhibitions for Chinese art lovers, including the Nicholas Party.

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“I think the two experiences I’ve had have contributed a lot to my work. Maybe that’s why many people know me. Both artists became famous thanks to my collection of their works. It’s not because of me, but I helped. And I gave them a chance in their work,” he said.

Art News Collector

The first event is named after Argentine artist Amalia Ulman, known as the pioneer of “post-cyber art.” 2014 saw the debut of the character cartoon “The Good and the Bad”. The then 25-year-old actress told the story of a suburban girl pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles by exchanging photos and messages online. Huang Xufu was only 20 years old that year, but he didn’t let his youth stop him. Huang has collected 16 of Ulman’s works since 2015, and even the Tate Museum of Modern Art has come to borrow the collection for the Amalia Ulman exhibition.

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The second event took place with the representative of Nicolas Party from Switzerland. Collecting his works changed the fate of the artist and the collector.

Art News Collector

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“I held a personal museum exhibition in Beijing. Thanks to this exhibition, more and more art galleries around the world have treated him alone. He has also signed a deal with the world’s largest house. At the same time, the art market value has probably increased tenfold.” or twenty times. Since then, many people have learned about me and my collection and have accepted my prediction. They thought I was a fact-gatherer, unlike those who were just following what was going on,” Huang explained.

From her passion for collecting to the establishment of the X Museum in Beijing in 2020, Huang’s creativity, innate beauty and vision have paved a unique path for her career.

Art News Collector

“I founded this art museum in the hope that it would be like the Forbidden City – that it would be given forever. It’s a public platform even though I don’t use it anymore. A new curator will take care of it for a generation. … museum,” Huang said.

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Huang is dedicated to providing a great international platform for Chinese artists. Launched in August 2022, the “X Mobile Museum” project showed Chinese artist Tong Kunniao’s “Dionysus Leaving Roman Lake”. Born in 1990, a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, known as the “Little Prince of Garbage” and best known for creating art with recycled waste.

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Art News Collector

With talented Chinese artists, Huang relies on his artistic eye and knowledge. For him, his belief in becoming a true “Huang Xufu” seems as strong as his passion for art.

“If I decide to do something, it has to be something that no one has done before. So I think I should do it. I can’t be a follower. I hope my voice will be heard in my books. First of all, I will try to create opportunities for many Chinese artists to showcase their artworks to the world,” said the young and determined professional. artist.

Art News Collector

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According to Huang, while art is a source of entertainment and nutrition, the most important thing is to bring art to the masses.

“Art is a kind of spiritual food for me. It gives you more joy and spiritual food than your daily life. So I hope to make art easier for many people. You don’t have to. Collect it. You just go. To see the artworks. Then wherever you are, wherever you are.” You understand that art is close to you no matter where you are,” Huang said, adding that life is art.

Art News Collector

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