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‘#CMYK8’, an artwork by Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo from the collection of Deddy Kusuma, was on display in a collectors show at Art Stage Jakarta on Friday. (JP/Masajeng Rahmiasri)

Art News Collecting

Art News Collecting

Art collectors have always been considered wealthy people who buy art as a hobby. However, curator Enin Supriyanto disagrees with this generalization and explains that art collectors have gleaned more information than wealth.

Ethics In Art Collecting

“Sometimes we generalize that these (art collections) are the accumulation of wealth. Why don’t we consider them an accumulation of knowledge?” Enin said at the Expose collectors show on Friday, which was part of Art Stage Jakarta. “It’s about creating a platform so that knowledge can be shared, because if not, it’s just an accumulation of wealth,” he said.

Art News Collecting

The Expose Collectors Exhibition featured 14 artworks from older and younger generations of Indonesian art collectors, including Deddy Kusuma, Melani Setiawan, Rudy Akili, Wiyu Wahono, Alex Tedja and Tom Tandio.

“Conversation Unknown”, Artwork by Aditya Noval, Collection of Melani Setiawan on display at collection exhibition, Art Stage Jakarta on Friday (05/08).(JP/Masajeng Rahmiasri)

Art News Collecting

If It Doesn’t Have Psyche, It Can’t Be Art’: Mega Collector Dakis Joannou Docks His Yacht And Talks About Collecting In A Chaotic Art World

Enin also stressed the importance of government involvement in the art world. “If there weren’t such a collector’s exhibition, I bet you wouldn’t have the chance to see Zhang Xiaogang’s art with your own eyes. Because no museum or other institution organizes such an event,” he said. “The state has not played a major role in gathering and sharing information. For example, the closest country to us, Singapore, does.

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In addition to the government’s involvement in sharing information through art exhibitions, Enin emphasized his concern for arts education in Indonesia: “Education can only happen if there is a program to reveal the information within the collections. I think this is our problem, he said.

Art News Collecting

He also called for state support for arts education: “The state must provide more concrete support. Fixing the infrastructure is important, but so is the spirit of creating a public institution where people can get knowledge and information”.

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Art Stage Jakarta was held on August 5-7 at Sheraton Grand Jakarta, Gandaria City, South Jakarta. (asw) What does it take to rank among the top 200 Collectors in the world? If there is a common denominator, it is the commitment to art, which is an integral part of the identity. For Los Angeles resident Eli Broad, who with his wife Edythe was on the list every year from its first edition in 1990 until his death last year, that commitment has expressed itself in generosity — a library of quotes that he has done with his collection — spiced with more than a touch of competitiveness: In 2015, when he opened his museum, The Broad, he said: ‘If you look at the last 60 years of art, our collection is vastly superior to anything else in Los Angeles.”

Art News Collecting

For most collectors, the central place of art in life can be seen most clearly in the desire to experience the art personally. Over the past year, museum and gallery reopenings have swept across the globe as worries about the pandemic eased and listed collectors got to see all types of art. We asked what their favorite shows were, and the shows they raved about form a global tour of sorts, from Anne Imhof in Paris and Yayoi Kusama in Berlin to Alice Neel in New York and Zhang Enli in Shanghai. The new additions to this year’s Top 200 list also come from a variety of locations, including Taiwan, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, representing the truly global nature of today’s collecting. On the following pages you will see some of these new collectors along with more established individuals adding to their collections as the art world moves with our ever changing times.

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Sarah Douglas, Maximilíano Durón, Alex Greenberger, Tessa Solomon and Angelica Villa contributed to this report, a version of which will appear in the October-November 2021 issue.

Art News Collecting

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