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Art News Careers – UA Little Rock students draw and paint during class at the Wingate Center for Art and Design. Photo by Ben Crane.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has launched a first-of-its-kind campus program to help new graduate artists boost their careers.

Art News Careers

Art News Careers

The newly created artLAUNCH program aims to provide early career graduates with funding, mentorship and professional development opportunities to accelerate their artistic initiatives. The project is funded by a $216,000 grant from the Windgate Foundation.

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“The first years after graduation are a critical period in an artist’s life,” says Peter Scheidt, assistant professor of furniture and woodworking at ArtLAUNCH. “New graduates are looking for ways to focus on their art while balancing the loss of faculty and peer support. This award will help new graduates spend more time focusing on creating art and preparing for their careers.

Art News Careers

The pilot program will provide a $10,000 incubator award to graduate students in UA Little Rock’s art and design department to help launch their careers. The ArtLAUNCH Award will be awarded to five graduates in 2022, 2023, and 2024, respectively.

UA Little Rock Department of Art and Design Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Fine Art Studio Art graduates within a five-year window may be considered. The award can be used for anything that allows recipients to focus on creating studio work: equipment, materials, travel, artist residency or workshop fees, shipping, etc.

Art News Careers

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Faculty members and professional artists will also serve as mentors for artLAUNCH recipients. They will be a source of professional advice, networking, technical questions, etc. Mentors will be proactive and engaged partners with their mentees. Recipients will also be granted access to UA Little Rock art facilities and equipment during the year of their award.

“This innovative pilot program is an excellent opportunity for our graduate and undergraduate students to make a smooth transition from art school to the professional art world,” said Thomas Clifton, chair of the Department of Art and Design. “The Windgate Foundation has been an incredible partner in supporting our programs and students, and we look forward to seeing the results of this incredible effort.”

Art News Careers

The deadline for applications for the ArtLAUNCH program is March 31, and recipients for the 2022 program will be announced in May. UA Little Rock will host an exhibition during the spring 2023 semester to showcase the work of artLAUNCH 2022 recipients.

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“This program will directly benefit UA Little Rock’s new art and design graduates,” Scheidt said. “We hope this will be a career-changing initiative at a critical time in this artist’s life.”

Art News Careers

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UA Little Rock to host ‘Voces Omnes’ concert on March 7 featuring UA Little Rock and the High School Choir » The Los Angeles-based nonprofit and academy trains the next generation of animators, VFX artists and motion graphic designers.

Art News Careers

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At Extraordinary Minds in Sherman Oaks, California, neurodivergent artists are prepared for careers in entertainment through technical training, hands-on experience, and career path planning.

“My mind is always coming up with creative things, it’s endless,” Ibarra said. “I thought: I should put this on paper and let it live. I draw things and make them what I want them to be.”

Art News Careers

Ibarra paints illustrations of Renaissance characters interpreted through an anime aesthetic. He’s been using Procreate with Pencil on the iPad for years to hone his craft, dreaming of one day working as an animator or visual effects artist in Hollywood.

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Ibarra is in his first year at Exceptional Minds, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit academy and studio founded in 2011, where he and his friends can often be found working in labs, taking drawing classes and creating motion graphics. . . Using products and technology provided in part by a community grant program, the school prepares neurodivergent artists for employment in entertainment through technical training, hands-on experience and career path planning.

Art News Careers

From left to right. Exceptional Minds first-year student Angela Ibarra, an aspiring animator, is inspired by anime as well as regular trips to museums in Los Angeles. He often uses Adobe Fresco on the iPad, admiring the variety of brush tools he can experiment with.

From top to bottom. Exceptional Minds freshman Angela Ibarra, an aspiring animator, draws inspiration from anime as well as regular trips to museums in the Los Angeles area. He often uses Adobe Fresco on the iPad, admiring the variety of brush tools he can experiment with.

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Art News Careers

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“Extraordinary Minds is very unique in the way it works with students on the autism spectrum,” said Tim Daley, the school’s academic dean and director of academic programs. “We want to create a world where students on the spectrum are recognized for their talents and not the challenges they face.”

In just a few years, graduates have landed jobs at industry powerhouses such as Marvel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and this success is a testament to our school’s approach. At Extraordinary Minds, students have the freedom and flexibility to go at their own pace while being held accountable to the rigor of a three-year program; a methodology that sets it apart from the more traditional schools that students may attend. . Feedback is plentiful, designed to help artists set reasonable expectations for themselves and their work.

Art News Careers

Matthew Rhode is a sophomore looking to pursue a career in visual effects or motion graphics. “VFX work is like a puzzle. it’s fun to see how everything fits what you need,” he explains. “Sometimes it can seem a little complicated, but it’s still satisfying when I see something right.”

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The school tailors its curriculum as much as possible to the individual interests of digital arts students, as well as what their professors see in the field. Such customization helps students’ passion, explains Academic Dean Tim Daly, who has been at Extraordinary Minds since 2018.

Art News Careers

“I am constantly amazed at how driven, passionate and focused my artists are through this program,” said head instructor Will Payer.

The school’s instructors say they learn the same from their students. “There is a saying that we like to say. “If you know someone with autism, you know someone with autism,” explains Jessica “Jess” Jerome, a professional animator who has taught at Exceptional Minds for nearly a decade. “I’ve learned from my students that not everyone learns the same way. So I have to find different ways to make sure that what I set out to do can be achieved.”

Art News Careers

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At the school, students learn specialized technical tools and skills that will help them succeed as animators, motion graphics, visual effects and 3D artists after graduation and enter the competitive Hollywood job hunt.

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Our artists learn how to improve their sound so they have better opportunities and better networks. We are not changing their history. we just enable people to see their stories.

Art News Careers

This means career readiness courses and training on today’s industry standard hardware and software. Students are introduced to Adobe Creative for Mac, including Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Animate, in their first year, and for many, Procreate on iPad gives them the freedom to create outside of the classroom. Students also monitor daily tasks with productivity apps like Finch and Zinnia available on the iPhone, and can improve focus using built-in cognitive accessibility features like Background Voice or Guided Access.

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In 2002. “There was a scene in the movie where Spider-Man was drawing his costume, and I was fascinated by how he was drawing the human anatomy,” he explained. “It inspired me to create [my] characters, and it made me fascinated with the world of animation.”

Art News Careers

Students especially like the iPad and Pencil combination for their creative process. “It bridges the gap between physical drawing and digital art,” said Matthew Rhode, a sophomore aiming for a career in visual effects or motion design. “That’s what makes it so good. I’ve tried using other styluses and it kind of disconnects.

“Pencils are pressure sensitive,” added Matthew Rada, a third-year Exceptional Minds student. “When you bend the pencil this way, it will act like a real pencil and make certain shadows in a way that regular pencils don’t.”

Art News Careers

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Matheus Rada shared a preliminary background design for a short animation that he and some students used this year. “I love hyper-realistic, highly detailed art and animation,” he says.

Along with technical training, students undergo three years of professional training, including career realism, which develops their skills in resume writing, portfolio building, career planning, interviewing and other life skills to help them succeed in roles in the industry. . Through mentorship and internship programs, students begin to develop relationships

Art News Careers

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