Art News Cafe Plovdiv

Art News Cafe Plovdiv – All Europeans know Christiania in Denmark, the most famous place on the continent. But others came. Travel to Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, and to Exarcheia, a district of Athens already at the forefront of colonial rule.

Art News Café, a central location on rue du Père Païssi in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Laurent Berthault.

Art News Cafe Plovdiv

Art News Cafe Plovdiv

Other cultures are slowly gaining ground in Bulgaria. In Soviet times, the country was described as the best student of religion, and only the fall of the wall allowed the Bulgarians to open. Today, if in Sofia there are some bars with different music and environment, it is in the second city of the country, in Plovdiv, the capital line customs that the entire street has become a meeting place for critics of the consumer. Laurent Berthault and Alexandre Lévy walked there.

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In Greece, this culture of change, on the other hand, has been well established since the dictatorship. And with the latest news on immigration and the financial crisis, things are getting better. Amélie Poinssot invites us to the Exarcheia district of Athens, a place for world changers, intellectuals and artists in the middle of social and opposition.

Art News Cafe Plovdiv

The newspaper “News of the World”, more than a century and a half old, was paid for and closed by its owner, Rupert Murdoch. After a controversy involving the illegal hacking of mobile phones by Australian billionaire journalist Rupert Murdoch, the fire was extinguished last Sunday, ending last week 168 years of the newspaper. But the scandal is also political. And this situation is beyond anything you can imagine. Posted by Caroline Bodin in London.

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When the weather is good, the Romanians are equipped with some “missiles” and some beer, drive to a corner of the green tree to barbecue in the middle of the scene. Every weekend, the Romanian country is in “grataristi” that roasts meat on the street according to good traditions. A phenomenon such as “gratar” social ritual is a tradition that continues to appeal to young and old, workers and middle-class people. Posted by Marion Guyonvarch in Runcu Valley, a beautiful rural area in the middle of the country to meet barbecue fans.

Art News Cafe Plovdiv

Hostel Central Station Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On the shores of the Baltic Sea Kalasatama, formerly the port of Helsinki, has many surprises in store. While the port has been suspended for a few years, the district is changing, with cafes, artists, beaches and ski resorts. Posted by Sandrine Pettiti.

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