Art News Berlin

Art News Berlin – When French-Algerian artist Kadir Attia was invited to curate the 12th Berlin Biennale, which opened in six venues in the German capital last week, he asked himself, for Why make a new presentation?

Speaking to the press last Friday, recalling his own argument, he said that he does not want to pretend that he can change the world on his own, but he still hopes to artists can do something to help change ideas, small and quiet.

Art News Berlin

Art News Berlin

“Always there!” As its title suggests, Attaya’s main exhibition is dedicated to works that help us see the stories and scenes covered by colonialism and its aftermath. He points out that we are inundated by images and information, but these works of art can act as a magnifying lens to help us slow down and think, as they face the constant stream of public. The artist said that if people only make machines to make things go faster, then maybe we can think of works of art to make things last longer.

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The result of the exhibition, which runs until September 18, brings together works by 70 artists and galleries from around the world, and is filled with works research – archives in vitrines, timelines and photographs. Some works promote an anti-colonial perspective based on ecology and feminism, while others raise issues of restitution for stolen artworks.

Art News Berlin

Below, take a look at the top 7 works – almost half of them by Vietnamese artists, the visual presentation of Đỗ Tường Linh, a curator in Hanoi who is part of the art group for this print.

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Art News Berlin

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