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Art Ki News – The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has announced that Lesley Ma will become the first Ming Chu Hsu and Daniel Xu Curator of Asian Art in the museum’s Department of Modern and Contemporary Art. Ma will join The Met in April after serving as curator of ink art at Hong Kong’s M+ museum of visual culture since 2013. As one of the original members of M+’s curatorial team, Ma was involved in various projects in the years leading up to M+’s launch. M+ will open in November 2021, including the Live Art series. In 2017, at the M+ Pavilion, the museum’s temporary gallery space, he curated The Weight of Light: Ink Art at M+, an overview of the museum’s collection. For the opening of M+, Ma curated a survey of the Individuals, Networks, Expressions collection and commissioned a large-scale calligraphy work by Tong Yang-Tze to be displayed in the museum’s lobby. Met director Max Hollein said Ma’s “transnational expertise in complex art” will help expand the museum’s collection and “allow for new connections between past and present art.”

Installation view of AI WEIWEI’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads, 2011, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2021. Copyright by the artist. Courtesy of Museum Associates/LACMA.

Art Ki News

Art Ki News

Art collector Budi Tek, founder of the Yuz Foundation and Yuz Museum in Shanghai, donated seven works of art by Chinese artists to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); the piece is currently on display in the Legacy of Exchange exhibition, which brings together 20 works by 15 contemporary Chinese artists and is part of LACMA’s collaboration with the Yuz Museum. Notable works include Suspect (2010), an installation depicting a caged prisoner by Qiu Anxiong; a 2003 three-blade painting by Shi Jinsong featuring the Nike, Mercedes-Benz, and Motorola logos; One of Zhou Tiehai’s Joe Camel paintings, Venus and Cupid (2006); Ai Weiwei’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads sculptural installation (2011); and Yu Youhan’s oil Mao (1995) in New York, depicting Mao’s face and the Statue of Liberty. LACMA announced that Ai’s sculpture will continue to appear at LACMA’s entrance after the exhibition ends.

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ZAO WOU -KI, Piazza Siena, 1951, oil on canvas, 50 × 45.5 cm. Artist’s copyright. Photo by Lok Cheng and Dan Leung. Best regards, M+, Hong Kong.

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Art Ki News

Sin-May Roy Zao, stepson of modernist artist Zao Wou-ki, donated 12 works of art to Hong Kong’s M+ museum. The collection of works includes nine prints, two oil paintings and a watercolor covering various creative periods throughout Zao’s career. The earliest work is the oil painting Open Air Theater (1945), completed while Zao was still living in China and already famous for its experimental techniques. Recent works are the 2005 watercolors, Untitled; Description of Biarritz, Zaon’s usual summer destination, a seaside resort town in southwestern France. The oil painting Piazza Siena (1951), created while Zao was living in Italy on a European tour between 1950 and 1952, was originally a gift from Zao to his wife, May Zao, according to their daughter Sin-May Roy Zao. This is the first purchase of M+ artwork by Zao Wou-ki.

After several days of heavy rain on Australia’s east coast, the Lismore Regional Gallery has reported hundreds of works damaged by the floods that have hit eastern Australia in recent weeks. Big losses include the famous AUD 1.5 million (US$1.1 million) cabinet designed by Geoff Hannah. The masterpiece was acquired by the gallery in 2019 through a fundraising campaign to preserve the work in Hannah’s hometown of Lismore. Hanna spent more than six years creating this wooden cabinet, which consists of 92 drawers made of 34 types of wood, four rare types of leather, and 17 types of precious and semi-precious stones. Other works damaged include a painting by Margaret Olley and a photograph by Max Dupe. Museum staff moved the work to the second floor of the gallery, but the water level was higher than they expected, director Ashley Ralph said. Curated by Fabrice Hergott, Zao Wou-Ki – L’espace est Silence is Zao Wou-Ki’s first major exhibition in Paris in 15 years. Large-scale paintings and drawings of abstract painters, who left a very important impression on the history of modern European art, are installed here.

Art Ki News

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Very ancient and ubiquitous, music was the first abstract artistic expression in human history. For thousands of years, music has inspired the creators of figurative paintings. However, only modern artists dared for the first time to create a completely abstract painting that could be as emotional and moving as music.

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This utopian ideal first appeared in the early 1910s with the first successful attempts of several European artists (Wasily Kandinsky, Robert Delaunay, Kazimir Malevich, František Kupka and others) to create a new type of painting capable of communicating emotions and feelings to others. – figurative use of form and color. As time passes, artists become more daring in their search for ideal and pure artistic expression. But for many of them, the ancient art of music remains the main source of inspiration.

Art Ki News

It is about Zao Wou-Ki (1920-2013), a Chinese-born artist who lived in France from 1948 and is today recognized as one of the most influential abstract painters of the 20th century. Inspired by modern music and poetry, he is able to create works of art that affect the audience as much as the music itself. The flow of his oil paint colors and shapes on the canvas immerses the viewer, allowing him to feel the rich spectrum of emotions as if he were listening to a musical composition. At the same time, his artistic language is complex, with many references and nuances, so almost every painting or drawing of the artist is a multidimensional work of art, it is possible to rethink and reconstruct it.

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The exquisite combination of western achievements in abstract painting with oriental calligraphy and beautiful traditions makes Zao Wou-Ki a symbolic figure of the international art world in the era of globalization. Inspired by his favorite western artists such as Monet or Matisse, he always had a particular oriental perception of their art and was able to transfer it to canvas or paper.

Art Ki News

Zao Wou-Ki came to France in 1948. After some time, he discovered French impressionist and post-impressionist art, and also met the poet Henri Michaux and the contemporary composer Edgar Vares. This was the time when Zao Wou-Ki adopted the new artistic expression of abstract painting, although the term “abstract” seemed too radical and inappropriate at the time. In 1956, influenced by modern music and the new wave of American and French artists, Zao Wu-Ki created Traversée des appears (oil on canvas, 97 x 195 cm). – figurative in his artistic creations.

Later, the talented artist began experimenting with large canvases, developing his iconic abstract painting style. Fascinated by music, in 1964 he created a large canvas called “Hommage à Edgar Varèse – 25.10.64” (oil on canvas, 255 x 345 cm), a large canvas of the artist’s tribute to the composer. This masterpiece demonstrates the artist’s ability to depict even music with subtle vibrations and rhythms.

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Art Ki News

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Dynamic or calm, colorful or almost monochrome, it captures our attention, Zao Wou-Ki’s art speaks to everyone. However, after exceeding the limits of human expression, the artist did not stop and decided to transcend time. Monet’s fascination with Nymphs led him to create the quasi-figurative painting Hommage à Claude Monet, February-June 91 (oil on canvas, triptych, 1991, 194 x 483 cm), an unusual combination of cool and warm. colors. Hommage à Matisse I – 02.02.86I (oil on canvas, 1986, 162 x 130 cm) is a completely different abstraction that evokes some nostalgic memories thanks to its monochrome stripes and emblematic palette.

Inspired by modern music and poetry, he is able to create works of art that affect the audience as much as the music itself. The flow of his oil paint colors and shapes on the canvas immerses the viewer, allowing him to feel the rich spectrum of emotions as if he were listening to a musical composition.

Art Ki News

However, the most important artistic success was waiting for him. The more recent Zao Wou-Ki stopped experimenting and turned to large-scale Chinese ink paintings on paper towards the end of his career. Is it a new step in the evolution of abstract painting or a return to the original –  Chinese calligraphy, this new art helped Zao Wou-Ki to achieve incredible freedom of expression and also to make the painting recognized as part of the modern art market. .

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The work of the Chinese-born abstract master, exhibited at the Paris Museum of Modern Art, is important for the history of art and marks a turning point in the artist’s career. He died in 2013 and remained one of the greatest artists of the last century.

Art Ki News

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