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An owl sitting on a roller coaster will be seen on the streets of Delhi, see the secret in Exclusive Photos

Art Hindi News

Art Hindi News

India’s First Lodhi Art District: Delhi’s Lodhi Colony, hitherto known for the houses of government officials and workers, is now carving its place on the map of the country and the world by being the first art district in the country. On March 1, St+art India Foundation in partnership with CPWD and Asian Paints inaugurated the country’s first art center – Lodhi Art District.

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Seafood, a collaboration between India and Germany, took two weeks to prepare. In addition to animals, birds and plants, the activities of a new culture can be seen in these ruins. Artist and photographer Ashti Miller said, “The idea of ​​walking in our mind was born during the pandemic when there were restrictions and the rules were that one could not walk anywhere. These paintings also show the time of life.

Art Hindi News

The streets of the city and the walls of the buildings in the streets can also be used as a canvas, this great idea has changed the face of all the cities of the country in the last few years. So how can Delhi be left behind? Delhi’s Lodhi Colony, till now known as the residences of government officials and workers, is now carving its place on the map of the country and the world by being the first art district in the country.

On March 1, St+art India Foundation in partnership with CPWD and Asian Paints inaugurated the country’s first art center – Lodhi Art District. During this journey which started in 2015, the work of 30 new walls was done in Lodhi Colony last year (2018). By the end of March this year, 50 beautiful walls will be part of some buildings at the end of the Art Street Festival, 2019.

Art Hindi News

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These street art themes include themes such as nature, transgender, social cohesion, women’s empowerment, birds, culture, rural areas. Goldfish paintings from Block 19 show the environmental damage to our cities and rivers over the years. The reason is the flow of plastic, man-made products in the water and the disturbance of exotic species like ‘Golden Fish’ have affected the biodiversity of the rivers. This wall in particular seems to reflect the problem of the Yamuna river in Delhi.

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Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong’s artwork is breathtaking. Coming from wealth, the 50-year-old Choung created characters from the daily life of the city on this wall, including a sardar reading a newspaper on the balcony, a sweet shop, a cow, a pipe seller, hanging carpets. on the walls, barber General events such as the store are included. Every part of this wall looks real.

Art Hindi News

German artist Bond’s 3D wall test is a kind of augmented reality game. It may seem like some of the numbers are just off the wall, but that’s not the case. There is a flat wall, it’s just an illusion and in this illusion the windows and doors on the wall seem to disappear. Similarly, there are paintings on the wall that show love for Delhi.

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Likewise, another wall attracts the viewer from a distance because of its bright colors and texture. This painting shows the cultural similarities between Mexico and India. The inspiration for this picture comes from those ideas of Indian philosophy, which have been part of this work, to gain knowledge from personal knowledge and the desire to be born again and to improve oneself while walking on the spiritual path.

Art Hindi News

Apart from all the foreign artists, some Indian artists have also left their mark here through their paintings. Mumbai-based Sameer Kulavoor’s artwork reflects the digital age. In this picture, he has shown social media and its effects on people on a large and small scale.

The Aravani Art Project, in collaboration with the Delhi community, has created its first mural in front of NP High School here. In a mural designed on the theme of unity, an attempt has been made to show transgender women with whom the organization has worked. One interesting thing is that 15 transgender women have also contributed to this wall. Hello friends, we wish you all the best on World Art Day. World Art Day for example World Art Day is celebrated every year on April 15 to promote art and culture. On this day people are informed about art. Art is an important tool for researching ideas.

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Art Hindi News

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World Art Day has contributed greatly to this epidemic. Because many people struggle with depression, art helps people overcome depression. World Art Day is a celebration organized by UNESCO.

Art Hindi News

Art around the world celebrates this day. Those who love art are given every opportunity to show their talent on this day. The International Federation of Arts and UNESCO join forces to promote international events.

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World Art Day was celebrated for the first time in 2012. Because the birthday of the great Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci is also celebrated. Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452. Leonardo da Vinci was also called an art gallery.

Art Hindi News

A man paints with his mind, not with his hands. A great artist is either ahead or behind his time. A picture is a poem without words. A picture is worth a thousand words. World Art Day Shayari in

Today it is said that how much creativity is needed to keep people busy and show them a new light. Permission has been given to celebrate World Art Day at home during Corona. It tries to bring art lovers together from the comfort of their homes.

Art Hindi News

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A sculptor with a passion for creativity, a lyric poet and a musician. A painting is a special effect of a special culture. The writer should write with his eyes and the artist should draw with his ears. Advertisements and cave paintings of the 20th century. World Art Day Pictures at

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Along with World Art Day, World Art Day Quotes Greeting Shayari and Suvichar Status are provided. You can share our stories online. If you want to watch a video about how World Art Day is celebrated, then the video link is also provided in our description.

Art Hindi News

All art is an imitation of nature. An artist is not paid for hard work but for his vision. An artist doesn’t finish all of his work, he just leaves it behind. Art is theft or alteration. Art is not Vastu; This is one way.

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What skills do you have, share with us in the comment box. Even before this we brought you more and today we brought new news. Now the question is what is art. Art is inside everyone but some people are shy to bring it in front of everyone.

Art Hindi News

Some people make our skills a job, but when the government gives an award for that skill, then we and the whole world are happy. We wish you all the best on World Art Day.

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Pushkar, Ajmer News: Different types of Rajasthani culture are seen in the Pushkar International Exhibition, but this time the art of door sand has come to the fore. The result is that foreign and domestic tourists, imbued with this skill, capture the events in their cameras and decorate them in their memories. The administration of justice has chosen a famous sand artist this time.

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