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Art Heist News – The empty body from which thieves stole Rembrandt’s Christ in the Storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee by Isabella Stewart Gardner in the Boston Museum. Photo: Josh Reynolds/AP

The recent extension of the $10 million prize has led to renewed interest and theories surrounding the heist of the great artists of the 1990s.

Art Heist News

Art Heist News

On March 18, 1990, two police officers entered Boston’s Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum – security said they were responding to a late-night disturbance and were asked to be let out. The orderlies let the policemen through the workers’ entrance, but they mysteriously escaped. — they were thieves. After capturing the two guards, they stole 13 famous paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Degas, which today are valued at $500 million.

This Is A Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

It remains the world’s largest unsolved art heist, with the museum announcing last week that a $10 million reward remains for the art theft 28 years ago. According to Steve Kidder, chairman of the museum’s board, the museum doubled the award and made it indefinite because they still hope the art will be preserved.

Art Heist News

“This award demonstrates the dedication of the museum and the board of directors to the recovery of these important works,” Kidder said in a statement. “We are the only user of these services and they simply belong to their home.”

His masterpieces include Rembrandt’s Christ in the Storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee, as well as The Lady and the Nobleman in Black. Johannes Vermeer’s Concert was also stolen, as were Guvert Flinck’s Landscapes with an Obelisk. When he enters the museum today, empty picture frames hang where masterpieces were once displayed.

Art Heist News

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Anthony Amore is the museum’s head of security who is fully cooperating with the FBI agent in the investigation. He says he has the most calls in six months. “Security at the museum is my job, but solving this case is my life,” Amore said. “The proposal is not the volume, but the quality of the call. Many people have contacted me with their theories, but I tell them that we are not looking for theories, but facts.”

Among the many opinions, some say that it is a mafia business, and others that the security guard is on the side of the criminals. In 2015, The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones asked, “Is America’s greatest art worth paying for?” cite security footage released by police showing an overview of the robbery from the previous day. The role of a security guard, then 23-year-old rock musician Richard Abath, who could have been part of the arrest, is also being questioned.

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Art Heist News

Another theory is that the work was done by two criminals, one named Myles Connor, a rock guitarist jailed for art theft in 1975, who emerged as a comeback artist in 1997 through an associate named William Youngsworth. A reporter for the Boston Herald was invited to see the art stolen from the Red Hook basement that year, but its authenticity was questioned and Youngsworth was subsequently cleared of suspicion.

Art Stolen From Calgary Gallery In Elaborate Heist Recovered But Not Returned To Victimized Artists

A security guard stands outside the Dutch Room of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston on March 21, 1990. Photo: AP.

Art Heist News

The FBI said the stolen goods were sold in Philadelphia in the early 2000s, and that the impetus was given by the criminal establishment in the Mid-Atlantic and New England areas, one of two suspects as Boston gangster Bobby Donati, who died in a gang war in 1991.

“The FBI has been in Ireland many times because they had a powerful piece of equipment in the hands of the Irish Republican Army, but some people think they’re still in America,” Brand said. “Now they’re focusing on Robert Gentile, an 80-year-old mobster who was offered prison time if he turned over the files. Does he really think the FBI has a deal if he knew something? Gentile said no. I don’t know where the tip is, but the FBI is still focused on that man.

Art Heist News

The Gangster Vanishes: Twist In Hunt For World’s Largest Haul Of Stolen Art

The brand is still working on potential customers in Ireland. “I have spoken angrily to former members who say it is common knowledge that these images were probably in the hands of the government,” he said. “One said, ‘I heard we had them.’

People who have access to the images are encouraged to do so. “I have rights and I can make sure that if someone comes forward, they remain anonymous, but no one comes forward,” Brand said. “It’s complicated. It’s a new adventure.”

Art Heist News

Boston gangster Louis Royce said he was 15% in debt to plan the heist, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stephen Kurkjian, who wrote a book about the heist called Master of Thieves: The Boston Gangsters Who Pulled Off the World’s Greatest Art Heist. Royce went to prison for another crime.

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Gardner Museum Extends $10 Million Reward For Information In Art Heist

Melanie Hall, director of the museum studies program at Boston University, says the robbery has helped museums increase their security.

Art Heist News

“Since 1981, the American Association of Museums has been involved in an evaluation program to help medium-sized museums meet standards and operate,” he said.

But Hall believes the focus should be on putting art back where it belongs in the public eye. “For now, I’m more interested in seeing the works for young people to enjoy than knowing what’s been made,” he said. “Future detectives will have to figure that out.”

Art Heist News

This Is A Robbery On Netflix: Making History’s Biggest Art Heist Weirdly Dull

In anticipation of an unspecified amount of money, the museum is releasing a book called Stolen on April 10, which provides an inside look at the heist with commentary from museum staff and security. Love, who has worked on the case for 12 years, thinks he may be close to solving the case.

“We’re looking for one piece of information or another that could end this for us,” Love said. “Someone can call with information on the latest puzzle.” Law enforcement officials hope the release of this footage will help identify the person or vehicle in the video, the FBI said in a statement. FBI / Reuters

Art Heist News

The FBI is hoping that a trickle of black-and-white surveillance video will lead to a crack at one of America’s greatest unsolved mysteries – who is behind the world’s biggest art heist?

Will Boston’s $500m Art Heist Ever Be Solved?

Two men entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston on March 18, 1990 and took 13 treasures, including three Rembrandts and works by Vermeer, Manet and Degas.

Art Heist News

Two masked police officers responded to a report of a disturbance, they said. The only two guards in the office of loopholes and masterpieces distributed more than 500 million dollars from their desks.

On Thursday, the FBI released the museum’s surveillance notes 24 hours before the theft. Never before seen in public, the car is shown driving up to the same gate later used by the thieves. The unidentified man exits and is let into the museum by security.

Art Heist News

Five Old Master Paintings Stolen 40 Years Ago In A Notorious Art Heist Have Been Recovered Thanks To A German Mayor’s Ingenious Plan

The FBI says a car with the general description of the car was parked outside the museum last night.

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Although the video resolution is low and brief moments are switched between two cameras – one internal, the other external – the researchers hope the memory will be of some merit.

Art Heist News

“We plan to review the original argument in this case,” said U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, “so all avenues have been explored in the ongoing investigation to recover those skills.”

Photos Show The Unsolved Art Heist In Boston Worth $500 Million

As recently as two years ago, FBI investigators said without naming names that they knew who was behind the brazen theft.

Art Heist News

After digging up a suspected mobster from Connecticut, officials said members of a “criminal organization based in the Mid-Atlantic states and New England” were responsible for the theft.

Some of the art, the FBI said, was brought to Philadelphia 12 years ago and offered for sale.

Art Heist News

A 1991 Murder Could Be Connected To The Gardner Museum Heist

Investigators said Robert V. Gentile of Hartford told state records last year that he had access to the two records and was able to sell the broker. But he was never charged with theft, and his lawyer only flaunted it.

The museum has a standing offer of $5 million for information leading to the recovery of the stolen items.

Art Heist News

Pete Williams is an NBC News correspondent covering the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court, based in Washington. By all accounts, the biggest art heist in Canadian history was even bigger. At midnight on September 4, 1972, fifty years ago this month, a man in a ski mask and climbing shoes approached the roof of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts by the staircase. He held out the ladder to the two similarly masked robbers below. From the top of the building, the trio enters the porch with the help of a broken rope. Once inside, the guards tied up the doormen at gunpoint and began ransacking the building, breaking boards and smashing display cases, with the apparent intention of stealing anything of value. The plan, it seems, was to descend and climb, grinning, through

Skylight Caper (1972 Montreal Art Heist)

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