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Art Gold News – Artist Bottega d’Arte Toscana—21st Century Italian Gold Craftsmanship | Interview with Silvia Salvadori

Silvia Salvadori is an award-winning Italian painter specializing in contemporary portraiture as well as Gothic and medieval art styles. She is one of the few Italian artists who use classical painting techniques directly descended from Cennino Cennini himself.

Art Gold News

Art Gold News

Silvia was born in 1978 in Sinalenga, Siena, Italy. She graduated from the Duccio di Buoninsegna Academy of Arts and studied archeology at the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Siena. In 2004, Sylvia received a master’s degree in cultural heritage conservation and management. She is a museum curator and curator in France. Silvia has also worked at the La Scala Santa Maria Maggiore Museum and the Duomo Opera Museum.

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Now, in the studio “Bottega d’Arte Toscana” in Arezzo, Tuscany, Silvia creates wonderful historical reproductions as well as wonderful original works of modern art, mostly in the wonderful Fusion fashion of past and present technologies. Real 24 carat gold became her artistic signature and remains in most of Sylvia’s paintings, which are in great demand in Europe and around the world.

Art Gold News

What can you tell our readers about your childhood, family and upbringing? Are you an artistic child?

Because of my father, I was an artistically gifted child. When he was young he loved to draw and he instilled that love in me. I grew up in the house of Zulimo Aretini, a famous Tuscan textile and artist. It is truly a privilege to live in an environment where paintings and ceramics hang from floor to ceiling. From a young age, it is here that I organize a personal way of seeing the world, especially making connections with myself and reality at a poetic and visual level. These images spark my interest in more experiences such as going to exhibitions, painting, watching nature and visiting museums. Accompanying parents is mostly a vacation, but it also extends to exploring the historical and artistic features of the chosen location. Finally, thanks to my father’s work, we had the opportunity to live in wonderful Italian cities. A long stay in Sicily, a land rooted in Greco-Byzantine and Arab-Norman cultures, was central to my artistic education.

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Art Gold News

Gold Collateral Archives

“Written by Vincent van Gogh. Amazed by his brushstrokes and the yellow glow he likes, I decided to repeat the reproduction of the painting. They must do life.

I am always interested in classical art, in my art style I usually use Cennino Cennini’s work”

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Thanks to my training in archeology, I am able to extract the secrets of this ancient technique by examining each incomprehensible layer until I find its true essence or the soul of the painting. It is a stratigraphic painting consisting of chalk, clay, gold leaf, engraving and countless brush strokes.

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Understanding the basic characteristics of each material used is important in creating a piece that pays attention to every little detail.

Art Gold News

It follows that a true artist is also an alchemist who creates and transforms raw materials in a way that the untrained eye can understand.

What materials do you use and how long does it take on average to create a piece of art?

Art Gold News

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Precious wood essence, gypsum, Armenian clay, 23k pure gold, resin, resin of tree and animal origin, pure colors, lapis lazuli and gemstones are some of the materials I often use to create my pieces. , usually the work duration varies from two months to six months.

How do you decide the size of artwork and what is the standard size of your photos?

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The size of the piece depends on the subject I am painting, and it is often a commissioned work, the buyer will decide the size based on personal taste, price and materials used. Generally, the desired size is 40x60cm or 20x20cm.

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Has it been difficult to be a full-time artist, and what risks, challenges or setbacks have you faced in your artistic career?

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At first it was difficult to be a full time artist because I had to make myself known and my art was appreciated. The main problems are: buying some tools, getting some expensive paints, and understanding the logic of the market (art follows market trends, so art and finance are closely linked).

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The most important period of my professional training was during my stay in Siena, Tuscany, where I began to study the works of Simone Martini and Duccio di Boninsenia (Duccio di Buoninsegna) and the techniques used in medieval Sienese art. After I appreciated this art, I moved to Arezzo, where I began to study the paintings of Piero della Francesca, a great early Renaissance artist.

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Exhibition: ‘gold’, British Library, London, 20 May

How long did it take you to become financially successful as an artist? What lessons have you learned along the way?

After almost ten years of financial success, I soon learned that in order to avoid spending a lot of money to carry out the work, I should ask the client for an advance payment to guarantee my insurance for the initial cost.

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.It is a tribute to the paintings of Arezzo and Piero della Francesca. The checking unit has a great power of stimulation and signal. The artistic chessboard represents Renaissance mathematics, philosophy, poetry, and painting, all constructed in a complex geometric pattern. Gentlemen in Renaissance costumes support and embrace Arezzo in a white space, as if about to trigger a great explosion of pure energy. Arezzo painted by Giotto looks like a real paradise for the viewer

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New and innovative ideas are often discovered when traveling and meeting other cultures and visiting cities of art. However, it often happens when you connect with nature, a spark is born. I feel very lucky to live in a land like Tuscany, which has fascinating views and a landscape worthy of stimulating the imagination of an artist.

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My favorite artists are: Simone Martini, Gentile da Fabriano, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, William Turner, Paul Klee.

I like to put myself into my work, because every painting is like a journey for me, an emotional memory of an experience I have had in my life.

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Artists are not born. School and education can improve your skills, but you can’t be an artist if you don’t have an artist inside you. Technique and years of experience can only improve you as an artist. It is very important to listen to your inner voice, which is often the source of every new idea.

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Do you feel the pressure of competing with many artists today who are creating amazing art in different mediums and styles?

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I see art as an educational goal, so I never feel pressured to compete because every artist is unique.

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Yes they have. I think NFT is very interesting, even if it is a new world that traditional artists need to explore.

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Believe in your abilities and your dreams. Art comes quickly, and if you were born with this gift, you should appreciate it and start painting right away.

The piece measures 55 x 75 cm and I faithfully produced it using painting techniques from the 1400’s.

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Using a specific price for raw materials, the price is calculated based on the colors used and the labor hours required to perform each job.

I promote and sell my art in galleries in Arezzo through my website and social networks.

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Do you find buyers or do they find you, how many clients do you work with on a regular basis?

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Usually clients come directly to the gallery to give me some commission or buy my work. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests via email for my website.

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Who will buy your work? How old are your customers? What country or region are they from?

COVID is a real challenge. In Italy it destroyed cultural events, especially those related to the arts. Fortunately, the boundless love of art keeps me bringing many new paintings to life.

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COVID and the current war has definitely prevented many artists from continuing to make art. I think that the current market reflects the status of individuals, but in my opinion, art should return to its educational mission.

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