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Art Exhibition News – In partnership with Columbia University’s Earth Institute and TBWA/Chiat/Day New York, Columbia Journalism Review brings the work of renowned visual artist Joan Vaughn to the Foley Gallery in New York for an immersive art exhibit titled “Flooding the News: Bringing the Climate.” .” Switch the crisis to the front page. | Gilda McCrann for

Starting this week, more than 250 news publications from around the world will share stories about the climate crisis as part of Covering Climate Now, a joint project between the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) and The Nation, to spread awareness and advance a united call. to a global world. action against climate change. As part of this initiative, CJR opened an art exhibition showing the visible effects of climate change as a warning against the recent lack of coverage of climate change in the media. You can read more about Covering Climate Now and Peril & Promise’s involvement here.

Art Exhibition News

Art Exhibition News

CJR, in partnership with Columbia University’s Earth Institute and TBWAChiatDay New York, presents the work of renowned visual artist Joan Vaughn at Foley Gallery in New York for an immersive art exhibition titled “Flood the News: Bringing the Climate.” Change the emergency to the main page. The exhibit features more than 35 front pages from newspapers around the world that have been physically manipulated to reflect the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, heat waves, pollution and declining snowpack. Distressed newspapers reflect the specific effects of global warming that will occur in the region of that newspaper. Newspapers from regions that will be affected by rising temperatures and heat waves, such as Australia and Portugal, have been burned, while those from areas affected by rising sea levels and melting glaciers, such as Russia and Alaska, have been edited to cover floods. These physical procedures were based on data from the Columbia Earth Institute and international climate reports on the impact of the climate crisis.

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The Flood the News exhibit features more than 35 front pages from newspapers around the world that have been physically manipulated to reflect the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, heat waves, pollution and declining snowpack. | Gilda McCrann on Peril and Promise

Art Exhibition News

As part of Covering Climate Now, the Flood the News exhibition further draws attention to the recent lack of media coverage of the current climate crisis. Last October, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report detailing the deadly and extremely likely conditions the world will see if average global temperatures rise 2 degrees or more above pre-industrial levels. Most of the major US newspapers missed the report, with only 22 of the top 50 US newspapers publishing the IPCC report on their home pages.

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“The works [in the exhibition] bring to life some of the most devastating climate events in living memory, from droughts to wildfires to record high temperatures,” said Kyle Pope, editor and publisher of CJR, at the exhibition’s launch. “The exhibition is an urgent call to action to tackle climate change more globally.”

Art Exhibition News

Oscar Murillo, ‘news’ At David Zwirner, Paris, France On 21 Oct–19 Dec 2020

Photo from the Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias. The heat wave that hit Western Europe in the summer of 2017 was so hot that it was called Lucifer. | Gilda McCrann on Peril and Promise

Moscow Times photo. Temperatures rise, permafrost melts and pollution worsens in Moscow, Russia. While warming brings some economic benefits from opening Arctic sea lanes, rising temperatures threaten infrastructure. | Gilda McCrann on Peril and Promise

Art Exhibition News

Tampa Bay Times photo. “In 2019, The Brooking Institution estimated that Tampa faces the second largest economic hit for a US city, primarily due to sea level rise.” | Gilda McCrann on Peril and Promise

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Australian photo. “In January 2013, Australia had to add a new color (purple) to its official weather maps to capture a pulse of record heat in the country’s bubbling interior.” | Gilda McCrann on Peril and Promise

Art Exhibition News

A copy of Kompas newspaper from Jakarta, Indonesia, where the rapid subsidence of the northern part of the city, rising seas caused by climate change and overpopulation are forcing the government to relocate the capital. | Gilda McCrann on Danger and Promise Some of Dutch impressionist Vincent Van Gogh’s much-loved paintings dance around the walls in a brand new multimedia art exhibition opening today in the Thai capital.

Van Gogh Alive Bangkok presents more than 3,000 of his works, including the famous ‘Starry Night’, ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Potato Eaters’, in a unique and exciting way using the latest technology. high-definition images on walls, floors and other surfaces, accompanied by a synchronized soundtrack and lighting effects. It is a unique opportunity to learn more about this world-famous Dutch painter and take a journey through his life.

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Art Exhibition News

News And Press

“The reason we chose Van Gogh as the main artist is because his story is really fascinating. He was an active artist for 10 years, but struggled with his mental health, which affected his paintings over time,” said Devin Ma , co-founder of LIVE IMPACT, the organizer of the exhibition.

He added that Van Gogh’s life combined with the vibrancy of colors in his art is the perfect material for a high-tech presentation. These bold colors, thick brush strokes and his unique style come to life through an innovative multi-sensory approach.

Art Exhibition News

Visitors can enjoy Van Gogh’s emotional journey through paintings from the Netherlands, Paris and the South of France until the tragic end of his life at the age of 37.

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“I could quite happily stay in the immersive space for hours,” said a member of the press at a preview held on March 30.

Art Exhibition News

Organized in 85 cities around the world, Van Gogh Alive has received positive reviews for allowing viewers to easily digest art in a new and interactive way. So far, the exhibition has been seen by about nine million people, and even with the Bangkok event in Thailand, “Van Gogh Alive” is running simultaneously in 7 countries, including Malaysia, Japan, Sweden, Germany and the UK.

“We’ve never had such a great venue before,” commented Ma, referring to the size of the Bangkok show, which at 4,120 square meters is the company’s largest to date.

Art Exhibition News

Ackroyd & Harvey Art Exhibition

The show is divided into a journey where the audience takes a fresh look at Van Gogh’s life, starting with the first room containing his main artworks and recreating his “bedroom” in Arles, where the audience can sit on his bed or chair to take pictures . . . The Bedroom is said to have been one of his favorite paintings.

From there, viewers enter the highlight, the Sensory Gallery Hall, which displays more than 3,000 of his paintings, from the sombre hues of his early years in the Netherlands to a lighter style palette influenced by Impressionist Paris to his happier times. about his life in Arles and his self-portraits.

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Art Exhibition News

Digital art images are displayed using SENSORY4™ technology, which features a kaleidoscope projection on the floor and a massive wall over 6 meters high. This stunning display is accompanied by cinematic surround sound, creating an incredibly immersive experience.

Climate Change Takes The Front Page In Immersive Art Exhibit

And music is not the only pleasure for the senses. Visitors will also enjoy faint scents of cypress, cedar, sandalwood and nutmeg with the bright scent of lemon and vetiver that transport them to the orchards, gardens and sprawling fields where Van Gogh painted his masterpieces. However, the smell remains almost unnoticeable because the organizer deliberately weakened it to avoid triggering allergies.

Art Exhibition News

“It’s a way to introduce art to new audiences who wouldn’t have the opportunity to visit art galleries in Europe. It also draws the audience into the subject matter. They’re inspired to learn more about the artist and the art,” said Rob Kirk, Head of Travel Experiences. at Grande Experiences, creator of Vincent Live.

Kirk said the company has spent 15 years creating exhibitions and experiences around the world. The company first saw an opportunity in the development of projection technology in 2009. It was in a basic form then, but affordable, and from there the company developed it to its current form.

Art Exhibition News

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The show can be adapted to different spaces, such as a theater (Britain), an art museum (Japan) or a castle (Sweden). Another outstanding feature of the show is the opportunity for local residents to participate. In Thailand, areas such as “Wheat Field with Crows” are painted by Thai artists, while souvenirs for VIP ticket holders are made by the Thai community in the north.

The creator and organizer said the exhibition should appeal to Z and Millennials, as well as young parents who want their children to have a unique experience with art. There is an art class for young people and enthusiasts of all ages to learn from Van Gogh’s masterpieces.

Art Exhibition News

The exhibition is also very Instagram friendly. The beauty of the art and the creative way in which it is presented provides countless photographic opportunities. In addition to the sensory hall, the Sunflower Room of Mirrors is also home to countless artefacts.

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