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Art Design News – Read books on time, watch documentaries about artist Nam June Paik and marvel at the work of graphic designer Neville Brody.

“Skin has become inadequate for interacting with reality,” wrote artist Nam June Paik in one of his many essays. “Technology has become the new membrane of the body’s existence.” If you like the sound of Paik’s worldview, you can learn more about him in this month’s Design News. We also have a “tattooed, crazy” horologist and graphic designer coming to the world. come in

Art Design News

Art Design News

. Something “watch nerds can buy for the people in their lives who think they’re crazy, to show them why we love watches so much.” Like many hobbies that attract passionate fans, the world of horology can feel both intimidating and closed, full of jargon, reference numbers and snobbery. Struthers knows this better than anyone. As a “woman, tattooed and goby” she “made herself feel very ‘other'” in her chosen career as a watchmaker and watch restorer. Unfortunately, you can’t really argue with the fact: in 2017 he became the first watchmaker in British history to receive a PhD in horology. Together with her husband, Craig, their business, Struthers Watchmakers, based in Birmingham’s Jewelery Quarter, is responsible for keeping handmade watches in England in high esteem, winning accolades around the world.

Krannert Art Museum Exhibition Showcases Art And Design Graduate Student Work

One part Rebecca’s memoir, one important part the history of the watch and the story behind it, and one interesting part a story of time and our efforts to understand and control it. Therefore, Rebecca’s description of her target readership can be considered an undersell.

Art Design News

It’s a choppy, beautiful, decidedly non-nerdy read for anyone with an interest in how time made us who we are.

May brings Craft Week to the English capital and a fascinating range of exhibitions, talks and workshops in London. In the Park Royal Clay exhibition, you can admire items made from London clay excavated as part of the infrastructure project at Old Oak and Park Royal, a great use of construction by-products. The Mills Fabrica workspace in King’s Cross hosts events and workshops on biomaterials and biodesign workshops, including a talk by Dr. Manel Torres, who invented the world’s first spray-on fabric. Craft collective Future Icons is launching a new initiative offering more than 70 makers space to showcase their work at the Oxo Tower. Participants include Keeley Traae, a digital maker who creates objects from biodegradable 3D printing materials, and glass artist Kate Maestri. Forest + Found has curated Material Creatures, an event that examines how we can rethink our use of materials. It includes Marlene Huissoud, Alida Kuzemczak-Sayer, who made sculptures out of paper made from mulberry trees, and metal worker Francisca Onumah. Also check out workshops and demonstrations around town, including demo evenings with ceramist Eric Landon of Tortus Studio at Studio Pottery London and Hanji fan and Korean artist HyunJoo Kim at Couverture & The Garbstore.

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Art Design News

The Importance Of Art Education During Covid 19 And Beyond

“London Craft Week is creating a post-Covid appetite for unique hands-on experiences,” said Guy Salter, Chair of LCW. “This year, more than ever, I hope we are a testament to London’s enduring international cultural appeal and a true demonstration of human ingenuity and diversity.”

It’s safe to say that Frank Lloyd Wright was no coach. Cloak, oxford shoes and porkpie hat, right. Coaches, not so much. But Lloyd Wright designed clothes, especially dresses for his first wife, Kitty, and some of his clients. He is also an extraordinarily prolific creative with a career that spanned 72 years during which he made more than 1,000 designs. So it’s easy to imagine that he would have approved of the Frank Lloyd Wright sneakers created by Ronnie Fieg, founder of American streetwear brand Kith. The New Balance 998 was inspired by the architect’s utopian blueprint for Broadacre City, especially the mock-up built from his vision of gardens and forests breaking through the city in 1935. The earthy colors of Trainer Kith New Balance must be exactly like the gold and rust red ones used. in the interior and facade of Fallingwater, the work of Lloyd Wright. As Lloyd Wright continued to update and refine Broadacre’s principles until his death in 1959, he would surely have been impressed by the reappearance of his utopian dreams in sneakerhead news and on the feet of streetwear enthusiasts. As he once said, “Less is more when more is not good.”

Art Design News

Kith’s New Balance Made in USA 998 – Broadacre City shoe marks the 35th anniversary of the style and was created in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

October Design News: Moon Art, Forest Crayons, Celebrating Second Hand

Few artists display visionary clairvoyance like Nam June Paik. The South Korean artist may have been born in 1932, but he predicted satellite TV in 1973 and the Internet in 1974. That was the same year he described the idea of ​​the smartphone in incredible detail. Paik’s prescient writing (read by actor Stephen Yuen) provides the soundscape for the first documentary ever made about the artist, out this month. the movie,

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Art Design News

Is a celebration of Paik’s life with contributions from artists such as Marina Abramović and Ulysses Jenkins and is a fitting tribute to the man called the father of video art.

Get a dose of creative inspiration. Expect original, sustainable and thoughtful ideas from designers and artisans, and smart and beautiful products for a smarter life

Art Design News

Art Installation With Music, Sound Design By Herber Headed To Smithsonian: News: The Media School

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Paik was studying classical composition in 1950s Germany when he saw a performance by musician John Cage that changed the course of his life. He moved to New York and joined the avant-garde collective Fluxus. In the following years, he created playful, inquisitive and visionary work, performing performing arts and building robots before transforming television and video art. Although his name is not as well known as other artists involved in contemporary art, Paik changed the way we think about images in the electronic age with works such as The More The Better and Global Groove.

Art Design News

Sadly, Paik died in 2006, the year before the iPhone was released, but his real legacy is his global perspective, something that drew the film’s director, Amanda Kim, to him. Speaking at the Sundance Film Festival, he said: “I was drawn to Nam June’s story because of my background as a Korean who grew up in Japan and then moved to the West. I relate to her nomadic life and their multicultural identity No You don’t see the world in black or white terms It’s inspiring and refreshing at a time when everything seems to be categorized in binary terms.

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One of the many attractions of Milan’s Salone del Mobile furniture fair is SaloneSatelite, an exhibition for young designers to meet professionals and discuss sustainable and community-focused projects. Every year the Satellite Prize is awarded to the most innovative projects. This year’s winners are Honoka, a group of six Japanese product designers, and their project Tatami ReFab.

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Art Design News

Tatami mats, made from reeds, are traditional floor coverings in Japan. They’re naturally mold-resistant, trap dust and dirt, and smell good too, but they’ve fallen out of favor in modern Japan. Honoka’s project recycles old tatami mats, giving them new life as contemporary furniture. Old mats are treated to make biodegradable resin which is then woven into objects such as vases, stools and basins using a 3D printer. As the Honoka project proposal stated: “We have created furniture with a new appeal. With this project we will pass on the charm of tatami mats to the next generation.

Most of us can probably name fashion designers, furniture designers, maybe interior gurus and, on impulse, creatives who make products. Well-known graphic designers are few and far between. This doesn’t make a lot of sense: since graphic design is the design we interact with the most, it’s used to convey everything from selling us on purchases to stopping us. The name of one graphic designer that dominates all others is Neville Brody. The design student covered his pioneering work in the mid-1980s in style magazines

Art Design News

Art & Design News

As something of a Ground Zero for modern typography, pared down, using type to create striking shapes and patterns, rather than being reserved for headlines, something that opened up a stellar career. Brody’s resume also includes a BBC redesign, a new image

And put their own stamps. His work is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1988 he published two monographs of his work:

Art Design News

Includes work for Nike, Coca-Cola, Tate Modern and Channel 4, as well as various info graphics and magazine editorials, showing how his work has evolved since the 1990s. Brave, brave and undeniably Brody: 50 years into his career, his position as the number one graphic designer remains unsettled.

The First Northeast Asia Art & Design Expo Kicks Off In Harbin City, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, 7 May, 2023. (photo By Chinaimages/sipa Usa) Credit: Sipa Us/alamy Live News Stock Photo

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