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Art Basel News – As Art Basel plans to relaunch its besieged edition in Hong Kong following the recent end of the city’s mandatory hotel quarantine upon arrival, the Swiss fair has announced changes to its leadership. Angelle Siyang-Le, Art Basel’s Head of Development for China and previously Regional Head of Gallery Relations for Asia, has been appointed the new Director of Art Basel Hong Kong (ABHK). Adeline Ooi, while retaining her Asia director title, will split her time between Hong Kong and the rest of Asia and focus on developing Art Basel’s other initiatives in the region, according to the Nov. 17 announcement.

At the same time, Art Basel Hong Kong revealed that 171 international galleries will participate in the upcoming 2023 edition, which will once again take place across two floors of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from March 23-25. . . The fair will feature more than 12 large-scale artworks of the Encounters section, again curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor of Artspace, Sydney, as in the pre-pandemic editions. ABHK will also resume the Kabinett section of thematic presentations from the Galleries sector as the fair returns to full form for the first time since 2019.

Art Basel News

Art Basel News

Before the Hong Kong government imposed travel restrictions barring tourists and unvaccinated residents from entering the Chinese special administrative region, Art Basel Hong Kong boasted about 240 galleries a year. In May 2022, when Hong Kong visitors still had to pay for seven days of hotel confinement, only 137 galleries participated, many of which opted for small satellite booths with temporary staff. Last year, the fair hosted only 104 galleries.

Art Basel Lines Up 285 Galleries For 2023 Edition In Switzerland

The full range of galleries includes 21 first-time exhibitors from around the world, including mainland China, India, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan. There will be 129 participants in the Galleries sector; 19 galleries in the Asia-focused Insight section; and 23 galleries in Discovery for younger artists and galleries.

Art Basel News

Siyang-Le’s elevation to lead the Hong Kong edition follows Art Basel’s appointment of Noah Horowitz as CEO, replacing global director Marc Spiegler in November. Other recent additions to the Hong Kong team include new managing director Gil Schorr and Reimi Imaizumi taking on the role of senior VIP relationship manager for Asia.

Hong Kong continues to face economic headwinds as travel to and within mainland China is difficult due to quarantine requirements and other travel restrictions. Hong Kong currently requires visitors to undergo 7 days of post-arrival testing (a combination of PCR tests at local community centers and rapid self-administered antigen tests) and prohibits visitors from visiting bars, restaurants or gyms for three the first days. Additionally, face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors (except when eating or drinking), and a vaccination permit is legally required to enter most indoor facilities. “Bowl with Eggs” by Jeff Koons was one of the most popular works at Art Basel’s VIP Opening Day at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Jose A. Iglesias

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Art Basel News

Tezos Stuns At Art Basel Miami 2022

Miami Art Week officially opened Tuesday with a wave of VIP collectors enjoying their first large-scale gathering since the pandemic.

For the 20th time, the doors of the Miami Beach Convention Center have opened to the art fair that urban parents once avoided and now has come to redefine Art Basel fairs and the city itself.

Art Basel News

The pre-opening press conference was a love fest, with officials from Miami Beach and the Art Basel fairs declaring themselves in a “long-term relationship” destined to last at least eight more years, according to the current contract, and “very years”. to come.”

Nbc Nightly News: Digital Art Dominating Miami’s Famous Art Basel

The fair is the grand finale for Marc Spiegler, the global director who recently decided to retire after 15 years. He will be succeeded by art historian Noah Horowitz, the new CEO of Art Basel.

Art Basel News

During the press conference, Spiegler reflected on the past 20 years of Art Basel Miami Beach. Two decades ago, he said, Miami’s reputation was one of crime and scandal.

People wondered if the art fair could fill the hotels. Collectors wondered why Art Basel would launch its first outpost outside of Switzerland in Miami, not New York. Even Spiegler, who first came to Miami Beach in 2002 as a journalist, was skeptical.

Art Basel News

Art Basel Miami Begins, Awash With Money, Art, And Parties

Musician Pharrell Williams, left, takes a selfie with a fan at the opening day of Art Basel VIP in Miami Beach. Jose A. Iglesias

At the largest-ever Art Basel fair in Miami Beach, with 282 galleries, VIP collectors from the US, Europe and Latin America greeted each other like long-lost cousins ​​as they studied works by household names – Pablo Picasso, Alex Katz, Alexander Calder – as well as younger stars, including Amoako Boafa, whose business has grown from $18,000 to $300,000 since the pandemic began.

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Art Basel News

Famous art lovers graced the halls – Venus Williams, Leonardo di Caprio, Jon Bon Jovi. Pharrell Williams had long conversations with the artists at the Jeffrey Deitch booth and gracefully posed for photos.

Artasiapacific: Changes At Art Basel Hong Kong Ahead Of 2023 Edition

Some young artists who are the real stars here were also on hand, including South African photographer Zanele Muholi, whose image graces the exterior of Miami Beach City Hall, and Miami-born Woody De Othello, who helps create interesting ceramics. again. Miami’s Jose Bedia greeted fairgoers near his newly created monumental installation in the Meridian sector with a vintage crocodile skin he found in an antique store.

Art Basel News

Even the art seemed to be in a happy mood. While issues such as diversity remained part of the conversation, the darkness of war, politics and fighting that dominated some previous fairs disappeared. The booths explode with color. One of the most striking: the neugerriemschneider booth in Berlin, wallpapered with a red and yellow pop art image by the late Michel Majerus; a massive head ‘portrait’ by Thomas Bayrle, hanging shadows by Jorge Pardo and a giant disco ball-like sphere by Oluffur Eliasson.

The entry to “Let Mermaids Flirt With Me” by Christopher Myers centers on a piece made up of stained glass boxes in the Meridian sector during Art Basel’s VIP opening day at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Jose A. Iglesias

Art Basel News

Sanlorenzo Exclusive Collectors Lounge At Art Basel Hk

And despite early caution from insiders about an uncertain economy, gallerists reported strong sales at Tuesday’s VIP previews at Art Basel Miami Beach and Art Miami.

“Sales will be strong,” predicted Miami art consultant Lisa Austin. “You can tell by the huge backlog.”

Art Basel News

Within hours, her prediction proved correct, at least for some galleries. “We’re very, very, very happy,” said Sean Kelly, of his gallery of names.

Art Basel Exhibit Asks The Important Question: “who Owns Black Art?”

“After the last art auctions, everyone thought that sales might be down,” said an exhausted Marc Glimcher, owner of New York’s Pace Gallery, just four hours after Art Basel opened its doors. “I spent today trying to put out fires from people who want the same job. I could have sold Noguchi’s “Moonscape” (at $850,000) five times over. Among the $1 million sales: Agnes Martin’s 1998 painting “Untitled #14” for $7 million; Andy Warhol’s iconic 1964 painting “Flowers” for $3.8 million and Beatriz Milhaze’s “Roda Coração III” for $1 million.

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Art Basel News

Marc Payot, president of Hauser & Wirth, said the gallery sold $18 million of art in the first hours.

“A stand dedicated to American masters seemed to us the ideal approach to the main fair of American art. And the response was euphoric,” he said. “We put in more work today than in any previous year in Miami. . . Such positive energy at the fair seems like a harbinger of great things to come for the art world in 2023.

Art Basel News

Art Basel And Design Miami Plan New Parisian Editions And More News

Sales were also strong at Monday’s preview of the UNITLED fair, which features work by emerging and mid-career artists. Attendance at the VIP day was slightly higher than last year, fair founder Jeff Lawson said, with about 5,000 visitors.

Even in the early evening, Art Miami was bustling, with many collectors arriving from Art Basel on the mainland, others skipping the fair on the beach.

Art Basel News

Art Miami’s 165 galleries offer something for almost every collector: abstracts, sculptures, street art, a Calder tapestry, Warhols, a rare print with a hand-drawn section by the elusive Banksy, a booth full of works by Alex Katz – and of course, the amazing work of last year, Andreas Valencia, who just turned 11 years old.

Uncommon Sculptures At Art Basel

“I like that people appreciate my work,” said Andreas. Almost every one of his works at Chase Contemporary Gallery was sold within hours of opening.

Art Basel News

Art Miami director Nick Korniloff said advance ticket sales and VIP reservations for sister fairs Art Miami and Context were well ahead of last year. Before opening hours, he had already done a dozen private tours (one to Jon Bon Jovi). Carl Icahn, designer Ariana Rockefeller and noted Warhol collector David Mugrabi were among the first VIP guests.

“Everyone is very happy. They’re happy to come out and happy to look at the art,” said real estate and street art expert Jessica Goldman. “It’s fantastic for our city.”

Art Basel News

Nftism At Art Basel Miami Beach Designed|news

María José Arjona’s “Chair” floats above the floor in the Meridian sector, with Zio Ziegler’s “Journey through Tehom I, II, III” serving as the backdrop during the opening day of Art Basel VIP.

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