Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran – As an art lover, I always doodling wherever there is an empty space, including myself. However, I always limit myself to temporary, hand doodles. Apart from my fear of needles and low pain tolerance, the main reason I am still tattoo free is because of my religious beliefs. As a Muslim, I have learned that tattoos will be a way to destroy God’s creation. There is a verse in the Qur’an that talks about destroying God’s creation as a sin, which is what is used to interpret the fatwa against rajah. If I ask for a tattoo, it means that my prayer will not be answered by Allah.

Rakin Niass, a life coach and Muqaddam (Islamic religious official), said a popular opinion among Muslim scholars is that tattoos are haram (not allowed) because they change God’s creation. However, he also said that these beliefs differ between Muslim sects. So, are tattoos illegal?

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

While the Quran and Hadith remain universal guidance for all Muslims, the specific rules differ between the two main sects of Islam, Shia and Sunni. Some Shia scholars believe that tattoos are allowed, although in the Sunni Niass sect, there are some people who say that tattoos are makruh (not forbidden at all), but most scholars do not agree. “There is a minute view that says doing it is makrul and disliked. This is the opinion of some Maliki scholars (a subsection of Sunni Islam) but the majority of Sunni Muslims agree that it is haram,” he said.

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I grew up believing that tattoos are a sin and they are only associated with gang members and low-life. As a child, I was not allowed to think about money. Just now I’m starting to hear more talk about the morality of tattoos in my religion.

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

As global trends make tattoos more popular, young Muslims have begun to question whether permanent ink is allowed. In some ways, this questions long-standing norms and beliefs of young Muslims who choose to separate cultural taboos from religious teachings. Gender norms are a good example of this. The place of women in the home has been pushed to us for a long time as a teaching of Islam, but this question has led to an increase in female scholars and religious feminist movements.

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Another reason for the popularity of tattoos in the Muslim community is the increase in globalization. Where tattoo parlors are virtually non-existent in the Middle East, Huzz Ink’s launch in Jordan in 2007 proved so popular that it recently opened a branch in Dubai. Although there are no statistics to prove that many Muslims have tattoos, Niass said that for many scholars, the topic has become more important to discuss because many young Muslims today want tattoos.

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

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“Because tattoos are permanent and face a lot of cultural reactions, it’s easier to accept that it’s haram than many other activities that young Muslims do and also believe that it’s not allowed,” said Asha, a 21-year-old Muslim. Women. According to him, the young generation is more focused on the humanitarian aspect of religion and spiritual relationship with God.

Alizeh, a 23-year-old Muslim with tattoos, said that although she did not have to seek approval from religious leaders, she spoke to her grandmother before being asked. Since it was close, he said he wanted to get approval to make a decision. The grandmother said, he said, tattooing is allowed in Shia Islam and gave his blessing to his grandson. “I have my parents’ names in Urdu under my wrist,” says Alizeh.

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

Many people, of all religions, choose to get tattoos that have personal meaning. For Sajeer, a 25-year-old Muslim woman, it also means a spiritual connection. His first tattoo says “Kun Faya Kun,” an Arabic word that translates to “be, and now,” which has a personal and religious connection. However, while Sajeer loves tattoos, he admits that religious and cultural taboos – which include the idea that tattoos make someone look less good or respectable – around him make him feel insecure. “There’s a lot going on, but it ends up being background noise,” he says.

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That concern is on the minds of many who want to take the leap and get a tattoo—which is not an easy decision even without religion. That’s why Rida, the only female tattoo artist in Pakistan, says that religion is a distant topic from her work. “My customers often ask me if I think tattoos are halal (allowed), but not until I tell them what’s not,” he said.

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Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

Rida is not the only person who likes to maintain an individualistic approach to religion, especially people who follow religious practices in different ways. However, he said he has seen an increase in new customers. “You have clients of all ages and genders too, which is great,” he said. “I think it’s because more people are used to accepting that religious belief is what you think and feel is right, not because someone says it’s good or bad.”

While scholars in other parts of the world have a different opinion, the former Grand Mufti of Egypt (a religious expert who issues legal opinions on the interpretation of Islamic law), Sheikh Ali Goma announced a fatwa in 2017 stating that tattoos are temporary. it’s just ink. penetrates the first layer of the skin so it fades quickly-okay for women.

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

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“The new tattoo technique that does not cause pain or bleeding] is considered a tool for decoration and decoration, so it is permissible for girls to do it. It is forbidden in Islam,” said Goma. As much as many tattoo-seekers want to see Goma’s government progressive, the homophobic and sexist connotations cannot be denied. However, with the increasing popularity of tattoos, the statement of religious leaders allowed many people to take the leap they wanted, despite the problems in other ways.

Some tattoo artists in Egypt say that the fatwa will only increase the popularity of tattoos among the Islamic community, as many see the statement as permission to get tattoos. Tattoo artist Simo, of Simo Tattoo Studio in Cairo, says his clientele has increased by 50 percent since the fatwa, and Dalia Badr, a freelance tattoo artist in Cairo, says he now receives orders from all over the country.

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

As for me, I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable enough with breaking the social construct of tattooing, even if the culture has changed. Most people I know are still shy about getting tattoos, and those who tend to hide them from their families. I haven’t found a religious rule that I feel good enough to jump on. However, happiness is surrounded by people who focus on love and self-expression through social validation in the Muslim community. Tattooing, which is the practice of permanently marking the skin with designs and patterns, is an ancient practice. It is known from historical and archaeological evidence that this is a custom practiced by the Adat culture, common throughout the world in the past including pre-Islamic Arabia.

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It can be concluded that tattooing on the skin is not prohibited by itself, if it does not involve shirk or indecency.

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

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Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

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[3] “We will surely lead them astray and lead them astray with empty hopes. In addition, I will command them, and they cut the ears of the cow and change the creation of God.” And whoever considers Satan as a guardian besides God, will experience a great loss. (4:119)

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Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

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[9] Pay for God: do not contribute to the destruction with your own hands, but do good, because God loves those who do good. (2:195) The purpose of this article is not to insult my sister. Women hold high positions in Islam, being mothers, wives, sisters and daughters – check this out. But in this time of fitna, it is important for all of us to save ourselves from major sins that make it difficult.

Are Tattoos Haram In The Quran

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