Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal – Due to the increase in GDP, the Indian economy has experienced a significant increase in energy consumption since independence. Thermal power plants generate electrical energy by converting liquid into steam using various fuels like coal, gas, diesel etc. In today’s article, we will talk about thermal energy in India and its production, its importance in India and list and details of tropical plants in India.

Thermal energy is the energy produced from the heat of matter. Also, most thermal plants use steam power to drive turbines. Thermal plants are used especially for power generation in industrial sector.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

With India’s growing population, its energy consumption is increasing and it consumes about 6% of the world’s energy. If we consider the last 69 years, as India’s independence grows, electricity increases from 1300 MW to 267,000 MW. But despite this increase in power generation, demand is more than production.

Solved Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coal As

India is targeting three types of power plants listed below by 2021 and their installed capacity:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Fossil fuels are often used in power plants to generate electricity, especially coal, which makes up 76 percent of the country’s electricity. According to the ministry data, coal production has increased by 6% in 2021 compared to 2020. Also, the total capacity of power plants in India in January 2021 is 231870.72 MW.

Power plants generate electricity with the help of fuel. Coal generation is the process of burning oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG), coal, and other steam energy sources to make generators and generate electricity. This type of generation plays an important role in power supply as it can adapt to different patterns of power consumption (flexibility of demand) as production increases. Combustion of fossil fuels such as coal or gas heats the furnace, which produces steam. The ship is powered by steam which is connected to a generator that produces electricity. There are three types of power generation

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coal Energy

Fuels such as heavy oil, sweet gas and coal are burned in furnaces to generate steam. This steam is used to turn things around to propel the ship. This allows the generators to be connected to the turbines that produce electricity. The thermal efficiency of this type of thermal power plant is about 42% to 46%. A typical example of this type of plant is the Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station in Madhya Pradesh.

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A combined cycle power plant consists of a gas turbine and a heat recovery system. A gas turbine compresses air and mixes it with fuel at high temperatures. The hot air of the fuel mixture passes through a gas turbine and drives a boiler to generate electricity. Second, there is a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) that recovers the exhaust heat from the gas turbine that would otherwise escape. This system is more efficient than fuel fired boilers. An example of a thermal power plant using this type of system is the Dholpur Combined Cycle Power Station with a capacity of about 330 MW.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Gas-fired turbines use electricity from fossil fuels such as LNG or kerosene to produce hot gas and consume enough energy to run the gas turbine. Ramgarh Gas Thermal Power Station uses this principle to generate electricity in Rajasthan. Nowadays gas-based power plants are increasing and the Indian government is also cracking down on coal-fired power plants as coal-fired power plants have many disadvantages.

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Currently, India’s main source of power generation is thermal power which accounts for more than 60% of the installed capacity. According to researchers, India’s consumption of coal is high compared to other fossil fuels. Natural gas heating plants are often used for heating and can last up to 100 years compared to 50 years for gas and 16 years for oil. But building new plants is not on India’s development list for various reasons. The government’s aim to make the country carbon neutral by 2070 is clear and transparent. India’s current plan to make the country dependent on renewable sources may affect coal-fired power plants. and from 71% to 55% by 2030. Coal and oil lobbyists and the bills are fueled by bills aimed at helping fossil American producers, so they too can claim tax cuts in ‘production’.”

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

As much research has been done on coal, the process has been improved over time and efficiency has increased significantly over the past decades.

Coal power generation can also be considered reliable because the power generation system has been stable and stable in the past and will continue to be stable in the future.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

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Also coal power plants are very reliable and there is no reason to believe that a large number of those power plants can fail at any time.

Although coal is a fossil fuel and therefore considered a non-conventional energy source, there is still plenty of coal in the ground that can be mined.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Therefore, like other fuels, it is necessary to ensure that coal is supplied for full time.

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Since coal has been the main source of energy for decades, it is a mature technology and processes and infrastructure around coal have improved over time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

As a result, coal-fired power can be marketed as a reliable and efficient source of energy, giving it an advantage over other energy sources that are being improved and researched to increase their efficiency.

However, instead of burning coal, coal can be converted into fuel, which emits less harmful emissions into the air.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gas Fired Power Stations

Therefore, gas emissions and harmful substances can be reduced to some extent by converting coal into liquid.

However, although this reduces the problem of air pollution to some extent, the burning process causes a lot of pollution.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Through the mining process, coal deposits can be efficiently mined and large quantities of coal can be extracted and processed for power generation purposes.

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While other energy sources such as solar and wind energy are completely dependent on external weather conditions such as sun and wind, thermal energy can be produced in almost all weather conditions.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

As a result, coal energy can be considered safer as it is not exposed to the outside environment.

For example, if hydrogen fuel cells are used for power, storage of the equipment is expensive and difficult.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

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Since coal has been the main source of energy for so long, systems and equipment built around coal are among the most efficient and sophisticated.

So many processes related to energy and coal production can be done effectively with significant supply chain issues.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Coal is therefore crucial to the short-term survival of many companies around the world.

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It is the government’s responsibility to provide social security to those who have lost their jobs so that they are not at risk of homelessness or starvation.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Compared to setting up and operating a nuclear power plant or a hydroelectric plant, the construction of a coal power plant is cheaper and can be done in a shorter period of time.

So, especially if there is an urgent need for more energy, the power plant will be able to provide this energy in a short period of time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

Activity 3directions: Write Down The Pros And Cons Of The Energy Resource Illustratedbelow.​

Although coal is a fossil and not a green resource at all, it can be important to provide large amounts of energy in the energy conversion system to ensure that the society sees the energy otherwise the energy is not wasted. Deliver full power in short duration.

Therefore, coal-based energy can be considered as a cover in the general transition process from fossil to renewable energy.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

The biggest problem with coal as an energy source is that it is not green.

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If we continue to depend on coal as a source of energy even when coal is running out, we as humans will face a big problem.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

However, since the energy transition from fossil to renewable energy has already begun, it is likely that we will not see the worst-case scenario of a coal phase-out.

Another major feature of coal is that during the power generation process, large amounts of hot gases are released into the atmosphere.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

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Therefore, if we want to protect our planet from the problems associated with global warming, we must not rely on coal as a source of energy again in the future.

In addition to greenhouse gases, there are other types of air pollution associated with fossil fuels.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Coal

For example, burning coal, pollutes the air to a large extent and pollutes our air.

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