70s Disco Clubs Near Me

70s Disco Clubs Near Me – The DJ, who played at Studio 54 and opened his first club, the Gallery, in Manhattan in 1973, reveals the New York party and music hotspots he values ​​today.

I started going to bars when I was 16. Children were not allowed, but I was tall. I look through the windows of some of the clubs and look inside. They were always just dapper, trying to be really luxurious and, well, elegant. To me, they seemed intriguing. So I went to David Mancuso’s place, The Loft, and I was blown away.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

I was in a voice but, oh God, I had never heard a voice like that before. The entire setup of The Loft was different. It was like being in someone’s living room, but a beautiful living room with big pillows and lamps and vintage chairs.

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My second night on the scaffold was a turning point in my life. I was dancing and all the lights went out except for one light bulb on the perimeter of the dance floor between two chairs. Suddenly the horn started playing on the song and the lamp light dimmed and went out. Everyone got angry. I turned around and realized that David was controlling everything in the room – the sound, the lighting, the air conditioning. I said: “That’s it. I’m going to do this. I want to control the atmosphere in a room, I want to create an atmosphere. That’s how I see it; Create atmosphere.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

My brother and I opened the gallery in 1973 for $15,000. Because property was so cheap in New York at the time, we were able to open our own club and do something really cool. Suddenly there was this feeling of home with a new style of music in a different atmosphere from the usual clubs. The 1970s club scene was special because it was the first time [ordinary] people were doing this kind of thing. In the 60s, it was only open to the upper class and rich, like the writers of the Upper East Side.

Williamsburg is like New York in the 70s. It’s happening now. You can walk down the street and club hop

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

S Themed Disco Bar Goodnight John Boy Celebrates Grand Opening This Weekend In The Flats

Grace Jones exhibited in the gallery for the first time. She was signed to Island Records that same week because the PR man saw her there that night. The first time Loletta Holloway sang in a club was also at The Gallery. It was absolutely fantastic. He performed all the songs from the first album to an audience of 1600 people who went absolutely crazy. I will also never forget the night Liza Minnelli sang Happy Birthday to Steve Rubell at Studio 54. It was a truly magical night for me.

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Studio 54 was definitely about drugs, sex and rock’n’roll. People would come to party, do drugs and maybe pick someone up and have sex downstairs. I was there DJing but I didn’t agree with the direction he was going and his door policy. Although there were many magical things, people didn’t come to hear the music – that’s what the loft and the gallery were really for.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

The Good Room and Le Bain are about the only two places I really enjoy visiting. The Good Room has a great sound system and the dance floor is in a separate room, so the lighting is very controlled. It’s very indoors, dusty beams and all. It’s also where I host my new party, Native New Yorkers. In the end we decorated the place with balloons and 700 people came despite the torrential rain. People said it felt like the 70s all over again.

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Le Bain has an almost 360 degree view of New York. It is on the top floor of the Standard Hotel. The sound system is good, and the environment and people are very friendly and lively. For live soul, Black Flamingo is the best in Brooklyn.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

Williamsburg is like New York in the 70s. It’s happening now. You can walk down the street and club hop. All clubs are open from here. At the output, Danny Krivit holds a night called 718 Sessions. I know that when there is a party, it is good; It’s a different vibe when Danny is there, it’s better. House of Yes does great work on the outskirts of the city. It has aerialists and shows that are included every night. It’s nice to be here, to see.

I’m still at A1 Record Shop in the East Village. It has been around since 1996 and has the best selection. If they don’t have it in the plan, they will find it for you. There are bins everywhere with an incredible selection of music. Turntable Lab has great DJ equipment and good records. I also really like The Academy in the Flatiron district, which has been around since the 70’s. Good Night John Boy presents a lighted dance floor in Downtown St. Pete under the glow of multicolored neon lights and spinning disco ball.

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70s Disco Clubs Near Me

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Dig through your closet for those old satin shirts, flared pants, and funky glasses. A funky ’70s-themed nightclub is coming to downtown St. Pete.

Good Night John Boy will debut at 16 Second Street North in the Janus Block, Downtown St. Louis’ most popular nightlife block. Pete. The new nightclub will replace the Ringside Cafe, which closed a few weeks ago and is in the process of finding a new home.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

The 4,000-square-foot Studio 54-style nightclub was brought to St. Pete by Cleveland-based Forward Hospitality Group, which owns and operates ten restaurant and bar concepts around Ohio. The group had launched Good Night John Boy ten months earlier in Cleveland.

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Good Night John Boy will be located at 16 Second Street North in Downtown St. The space was previously home to Ringside Cafe

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

“Everybody loves the ’70s,” said Beth McLeod, who will operate Good Night John Boy in St. Louis. Pete with his boyfriend, Bobby Sotka. “Who doesn’t love ABBA and The Bee Gees? It appeals to all ages. Even the younger generations love to experience a fun time in history that they haven’t had the opportunity to experience.”

The name of the nightclub, Good Night John Boy, is a tribute to The Waltons, one of the most popular shows on TV in the early 1970s. At the end of each episode, the family would say goodnight before going to sleep. According to the BBC, “Goodnight, John Boy” was one of the most popular catchphrases of the 70s.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

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Until the end of April, St. Pete residents and visitors will be able to dance the night away under the glow of multicolored neon lights and spinning disco balls on the illuminated dance floor of Good Night John Boy.

From the shag carpet to the crazy wallpaper, the interior design will transport you back in time 50 years. Everywhere you look you’ll find the classic 70’s color palette of mustard yellow, earthy brown and burnt orange.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

Good Night John Boy will have a live DJ playing 70’s tunes every night of the week. In addition to your favorite disco hits, expect to hear plenty of new music from 70s-inspired artists like Bruno Mars.

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“We try to play ABBA’s Dancing Queen every hour and a half,” McLeod said. “Whenever the song comes on, no matter where you are, everyone hits the dance floor and starts dancing.”

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

The signature cocktail at Good Night John Boy will be the Disco Punch, a rum-based drink served in a take-home disco ball. Other drinks include a tiki cocktail called Guava Lava and a drink made with grapefruit juice, ginger ale, and the spirit of your choice called Transfusion.

Beer and wine will also be served. The beer selection includes national brands such as Miller High Life, Bud Light and Corona, in addition to cans and bottles from local breweries. About five wines will be available including Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

Things Disco Gave Us, For Better Or Worse

Michael Schwartz, CEO of Forward Hospitality Group, settled on St. Pete for the second location after spending several winters in the Sunshine City and witnessing the meteoric growth of the area. On his most recent visit to St. Pete, Schwartz took a picture in front of Janus Block and texted Sotka saying, “Have a good night John boy here.”

And so, McLeod and Sotka packed up their lives and moved from cold Cleveland to sunny St. Louis. Pete.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

On his most recent visit to St. Pete, Schwartz took a picture in front of Janus Block and texted Sotka saying, “Have a good night John boy here.”

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“St. Pete’s has everything we’ve been looking for,” Bobby Sotka said. “We love the walkability, the density of people and how friendly everyone is. On the weekends, this city is electric.

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

For more than 20 years, Sotka has had a construction and painting business in Cleveland. After Schwartz built several bars and restaurants in the 90s, Schwartz convinced Sotka to leave his business and enter hospitality in 2012.

Originally, Sotka trained to become a certified Neapolitan chef under renowned award-winning Roberto Caporuccio

70s Disco Clubs Near Me

S Themed Nightclub Good Night John Boy Coming To Downtown St. Pete

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